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From Tough Enough To CLASH To The Future: Part 3!

May 9, 2011 · Print This Article

Over the weekend, we learned that Tyler Elkins mystery opponent for CLASH To The Future: Part 3 had asked to be announced publicly. With that being said we at CLASHWRESTLING.COM are happy to announce that on June 4th, recent WWE Tough Enough contestant “MDogg 20” Matt Cross will make his CLASH Wrestling return! A world traveled wrestler, Cross is fresh off his stint on the USA Network’s reality television show “WWE Tough Enough,” and has stepped up to square off against “Caveman” Tyler Elkins at CLASH To The Future: Part 3! Concerning this match, Cross had the following to say, “I want the ‘Caveman’ at 100%, no surprises, no excuses! Tyler Elkins, on June 4th you’re going to have to ask yourself, ‘Am I tough enough to defeat Matt Cross?’

The announcement of Matt Cross does not change the fact that CLASH To The Future: Part 3 on June 4th will play host to a trio of bouts entitled “CLASH From The Past, Present or Future.” In these matches, current CLASH Wrestling competitors will square off with a mystery opponent(s) who will not be revealed until the bell rings on June 4th! To make matters even more interesting, these mystery competitors will step into a time machine prior to their match!

The first of three CLASH competitors announced for a CLASH From The Past, Present, or Future Match will be announced on Wednesday this week! Who will stand across the ring from current CLASH competitors at CLASH To The Future: Part 3? A primitive caveman? Marty McFly himself? A futuristic cyborg? The possibilities are absolutely endless and there’s only one way to find out who these mystery men will be! Join us for CLASH To The Future: Part 3 on June 4th! Presale tickets are available now!!