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Two CLASH To The Future: Part 3 Matches Announced!

April 26, 2011 · Print This Article

The first two official matches for June 4th’s CLASH To The Future: Part 3 have been signed! First up, the former CLASH Tag Team Champions Too Sweet will square off with the current CLASH Champion Gavin Quinn & his personal trainer Simon Dean! Quinn claims to be in the best shape of his life thanks to the former WWE Superstar’s training regimen, will this be enough to defeat Bryce Benjamin & Joey Marx? Join us on June 4th to find out!

Immediately following their victory at Age Of Allegiance, Cameron Skyy & Mena Libra were confronted by CLASH CEO Truth Martini and told that they would face, one on one, at CLASH To The Future: Part 3! Cameron Skyy is unhappy with this decision as he would rather focus on his rivalry with Tyler Elkins, but this will not change the fact that Skyy vs. Libra will happen on June 4th! One must believe that Mena Libra is training harder than ever as a victory over a competitor the likes of Cameron Sky will skyrocket her straight to the top of the CLASH mountain. Additional matches for June 4th’s CLASH To The Future: Part 3 are being finalized and will be announced in the days & weeks to come here on CLASHWRESTLING.COM!