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Competitors Choice Announced For Fight Against Cancer 5

April 5, 2012 · Print This Article

This past Saturday at CLASH To The Future: Part 4, #1 Contender “Ace High” Cameron Skyy & “GQ” Gavin Quinn defeated CLASH Champion Petey Williams & the “Murderous Monk” J. Miller in the evening’s Main Event. The match was everything one expected it to be: hard hitting & emotional as two of the hottest rivalries in CLASH came to a head.

With this thought process in mind, CLASH officials have signed 4 huge singles matches to take place at Fight Against Cancer 5 on April 28th pitting Petey Williams, Cameron Skyy, Gavin Quinn & J. Miller each against an opponent of their rivals choosing! These matches, dubbed “Competitors Choice” Matches will be announced in the days and weeks to come exclusively here on CLASHWRESTLING.COM!

In fact, the first “Competitors Choice” Match has already been signed as Cameron Skyy has chose CLASH Interim CEO Dragon Greed as the opponent for Petey Williams! Greed is a former CLASH Champion and without question the toughest opponent Skyy has ever faced in his career. Will Greed prove to be as big an obstacle for the current CLASH Champion? Who will Petey Williams chose to face Cameron Skyy? And who will Gavin Quinn & J. Miller choose as one another’s opposition? This ruling brings forth a number of questions, will you be there to see them all answered? There’s only one way to do so! Join us for our annual fundraising event FIGHT AGAINST CANCER 5 ON APRIL 28TH where event proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society! Tickets are available now, click here to get yours today!