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First 2 NPCI Opening Round Matches Announced!

June 29, 2010 · Print This Article

We’re fresh off a huge weekend in which CHIKARA debuted in Michigan with the assistance of CLASH Wrestling. Our company was well represented on the event itself, as CLASH Champion J. Miller & “Ace High” Cameron Skyy defeated Tommy Treznik & GQ in an action packed bout that introduced a number of fans to CLASH Wrestling. With that being said, we must now move on and focus 100% on the upcoming NPCI Tag Team Tournament on July 16th & 17th! All 16 teams have been announced, as well as the 3 special attraction matches set for Night #2. What we’ve yet to learn are the Opening Round bouts set for Night #1 on Friday, July 16th!

Well, we at CLASHWRESTLING.COM have just been informed for the first 2 Opening Round matches for the 2010 NPCI! In fact, over the course of the next 2 weeks, all 8 opening round matches will be announced (2 on Tuesday, 2 on Friday)!

First up we have a match that tag team enthusiasts will be salivating over when The Age Of The Fall of Jimmy Jacobs & Zach Gowen take on the Better Halves of GQ & Tommy Treznik! No duo in the tournament have more NPCI experience than the Better Halves, yet the friendship of Jacobs & Gowen has lasted years. Which one of these two favorites are going to be eliminated on the first night?!?


This second bout seems like a match made in heaven as the beloved Power Rangers will battle Inter Species Wrestling! The Rangers have made their living battling oversized creatures and Bastion Snow shall be no exception! Can the Power Rangers 3rd NPCI attempt be the charm? Or will Twiggy & Bastion Snow find a way to defeat the Blue Ranger & the debuting master of the Tigerzord – the White Ranger!?!


Join us on Friday when 2 more Opening Round NPCI matches are announced! Until then, remember to purchase your tickets online ASAP! Not only do you save money, but you’re ensured the best seats as well!