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Final NPCI Match Signed For CLASH From The Crypt!

September 22, 2011 · Print This Article

By now it’s common knowledge that the 2011 NPCI will return on October 22nd at CLASH From The Crypt. For the better part of the last two weeks, we at CLASHWRESTLING.COM have announced the Opening Round Matches scheduled to take place during our Halloween Extravaganza. Today, we are happy to announce the fourth and final match in the 2011 NPCI Tag Team Tournament!

Rounding out the Opening Round will be two teams CLASH fans are certainly familiar with. On one side of the ring will stand William J. O’Malley & Gideon Malice, collectively known as the Sons Of Sanity. Their opposition on October 22nd is none other than the duo of “Sin City Sparklin” Cameron Skyy & “Amazing” N8 Mattson! Skyy & Mattson have been aligned since N8’s CLASH debut earlier this year, but CLASH From The Crypt will mark the first time that he & Cameron team together in a CLASH ring! Unlike their opposition, the Sons Of Sanity are no strangers to teaming together, in fact they’ve spent the last year perfecting their craft.

So who will walk out victorious and advance in the 2011 NPCI on October 22nd at CLASH From The Crypt? Can Skyy & Mattson prove successful in their first time teaming together? Will the Sons Of Sanity’s prayers for an NPCI victory be answered? Only one team can advance to the NPCI finals: who will it be? There’s only one way to find out! Join us LIVE for the 2011 NPCI Tag Team Tournament at CLASH From The Crypt on October 22nd! Presale tickets are available now, click here to get yours today!