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Updates: CHIKARA Tomorrow, NPCI Night #2 Match Signed!

June 25, 2010 · Print This Article

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that CHIKARA is making it’s Michigan debut tomorrow night at the Taylortown Trade Center for “We Must Eat Michigan’s Brains.” It was announced last week that next Saturday’s show will mark the independent return of “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson! Remember, CLASH Wrestling will be on hand and we’re well represented! We’ve been given the opening contest to show our stuff and we provided a match that will prove to be action packed & hard hitting when “Ace High” Cameron Skyy teams with CLASH Champion J. Miller to take on Tommy Treznik & GQ! Show your support not only for CLASH Wrestling, but our friends at CHIKARA as well. Join us tomorrow night!

Earlier this week the final 2 NPCI teams were announced, thus the entire field of 16 is now known. For a full listing of NPCI Tag Teams, please visit the NPCI minisite by clicking here. Night #2 of the NPCI Tournament will feature a number of non-tournament matches. Thusfar, we know of Cameron Skyy vs. J. Miller in a CHIKARA Young Lions Cup Qualifier and the Special Attraction Women’s Match pitting ROH & SHIMMER star Nevaeh against our own Mena Libra. A third non-tournament match has been added and it may prove to be the most action packed of them all! On Saturday, July 17th, 6 men will enter and only 1 can walk away victorious when CLASH competitors Dragon Kreed, Rave Killbourn, & Austin Manix meet up against midwest Tag Team sensations Dave & Jake Crist of the Irish Airborne & CHIKARA’s Dasher Hatfield in a 6 Pack Challenge Match! It’s every man for himself! Which one of these men will walk out on top? Join us at the 2010 NPCI Tournament to find out!

With all the NPCI tag teams & Night #2 Attraction bouts announced, we will now begin to announce Opening Round matches for the NPCI tournament over the course of the next two weeks! Every Tuesday & Friday we will announce 2 Opening Round matches, exclusively here on CLASHWRESTLING.COM. So stay tuned & remember to check back here this coming Tuesday when the first 2 NPCI opening round matches are announced!