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Event Results To Triple Crown Cup (3/27/10)

March 28, 2010 · Print This Article

Special thanks to all who attended the 3rd Annual TRIPLE CROWN CUP this past Saturday Night in Dearborn, MI! CLASH Wrestling returns to Taylor, Michigan’s TaylorTown Trade Center on Saturday, April 17th for AGE OF ALLEGIANCE!

RESULTS (3/27/10) :

** “The Caveman” Tyler Elkins addressed the CLASH Faithful that he had sustained a torn ACL during a training session that will keep him out of action for up to 6 months, and that due to this unfortunate event, he had to give up his spot in the TRIPLE CROWN CUP Tournament. Cameron Skyy made his way out claiming Elkins spot as Truth Martini explained that although the Tournament is for #1 Contendership to Skyy’s belt, if Skyy wins, he’ll join Martini on his 30 day vacation to Sin City he’s going on next month.

* J. Miller def. Will Vendetta & GQ to advance in the Triple Crown Cup Tournament.

* Dragon Kreed def. “Ace High” Cameron Skyy & Norriega to advance in the Triple Crown Cup Tournament.

* Tommy Treznik def. Brandon Edwards & The Wreckingball to advance in the Triple Crown Cup Tournament.

* Austin Manix def. Keith Calhoun in a non-tournament singles exhibition.

* CLASH Tag Champions, Night-Life (Dave Manzo & Jack Night) def. “Mr. 450″ Hammett & Billy Star in a non-title match.

* Mena Libra def. Randi West in the first ever CLASH Womens Match.

** Following the match, CLASH CEO Truth Martini made his way out stating that CLASH Founder Nicholas Clashertone signed this match, and that if it were up to Martini, women would not have a place in a mans sport. With fans behind Libra, the crowd erupted into “You Suck” chants embarassing the CEO from the scene.

* J. Miller def. Tommy Treznik & Dragon Kreed in the Triple Crown Cup finals to become the new #1 Contender and will face Cameron Skyy on 4/17!