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Event Results To This Is CLASH 4 (10/3/09)

October 4, 2009 · Print This Article

Thanks to all in Mt Clemens, MI who made it to “This is CLASH 4″ at Gibraltar Trade Center! Be sure to check out the FREE SHOW hosted in Trenton, MI on Sunday, October 4th as part of the Scarecrow Festival – 2pm Belltime! Below are the results from 10/3/09:

THIS IS CLASH 4 (10/3/09):

* “Ace High” Cameron Skyy def. Will Vendetta via pinfall.

* Green Ranger def. Khameleon via pinfall.

**After the match, Khameleon attacked Green Ranger and unmasked him! Photos & Media later in the week!

* GQ def. Austin Manix via pinfall.

** CLASH CEO “B” announced that he made changes to H3RD’s match against Night-Life and would instead force J. Miller into a handicap with both Dave Manzo & Jack Night while “B” introduced a special guest to take care of Tommy Tydie. If either Tydie or Miller were defeated, they would both be terminated.

* Tommy Tydie def. Jimmy Jacobs via pinfall.

* “T-Train” Tyler Elkins w/ Cameron Skyy def. Rave Killbourn w/ GQ via submission.

* J. Miller & Night-Life wrestled to a No Contest when Night-Life brought weapons to the ring and Tydie ran in for the save. However, Skyy, Elkins, Khameleon, Vendetta, & The Friends joined the fray.

* H3RD (Miller/Tydie), The Friends (GQ/Rave K) & Will Vendetta def. Night-Life (Manzo/Night), Cameron Skyy, Tyler Elkins & Khameleon when Miller pinned Manzo.