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Event Results To Grappleganza (8/14/10)

August 15, 2010 · Print This Article

Special thanks to the CLASH faithful for your attendance at GRAPPLEGANZA this past Saturday Night in Dearborn, MI! It was certainly full of surprises and lived up to its name as one of our hottest Blockbuster events of the Summer! CLASH Wrestling returns to action on Friday, September 17 in Taylor, MI at TaylorTown Trade Center!

RESULTS (08/14/2010):

* Wreck ‘N’ Roll (Wreckingball & Will Vendetta) def. Nightlife (“Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo & Jack Night) via disqualification to retain the CLASH Tag Team Championships.

** “Mad Scientist Of Maneuvers” Tommy Treznik made his way out calling CLASH Champion J. Miller to ringside so that he could introduce his mysterious 3 partners that would join him in taking on Millers team of Too Sweet (Bryce Benjamin & Joey Marx) and “Mr. 450″ Hammett. As the lights in the building went out, they re-illuminated with Austin Manix sporting a new look alongside the psychopathic “Pain Killers” (who made their CLASH debut at NPCI as the Hallowed Souls). This new found team ran an attack on Miller, until Too Sweet & Hammett made the save!

* CAVEMAN’S CHALLENGE: “The Caveman” Tyler Elkins def. Paul Bowser, Gideon Malice, and Bump N’ Uglie #2 all via submission in a Gauntlet style match.

** “GQ” Gavin Quinn was escorted to the ring with Sara Jay. Before Quinn would get in the ring with Mena Libra as advertised, she would have to get through Sara Jay first.

* Mena Libra def. Sara Jay via pinfall.

* “GQ” Gavin Quinn def. Mena Libra via pinfall immediately following Libra’s bout with Jay.

**Post Match, it was none other than Quinn’s Former “Friend” Rave Killbourn that sought revenge for turning on him in February this year, chasing Quinn off from delivering more damage to Libra.

* J. Miller, “Mr. 450″ Hammett, & Too Sweet (Bryce Benjamin & Joey Marx) def. The H3RD (Tommy Treznik, Austin Manix, & the Pain Killers of Donnie & Jacob Hallows via pinfall.

** Post Match: The Onslaught attack of Treznik’s new H3RD left Team Miller, and more significantly Hammett, to be carried out by several officials after receiving two “Bus-Drivers” one of which on Miller’s Championship belt; more details forthcoming.

* Keith Calhoun def. “Hebrew Hammer” Joseph Schwartz via pinfall.

* Dragon Kreed def. “Sin City Sparklin” Cameron Skyy via pinfall in an Anything Goes match.

**Post Match: Skyy gave the nod of approval toward Kreed bringing closure to a feud over 1 Year in the Making.