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Event Results From Contenders Cup (02/26/11)

February 27, 2011 · Print This Article

Special thanks to all who joined us this past Saturday Night for another sell-out crowd for CONTENDERS CUP! Additional thanks goes to our sponsor, Big League Brews Sports Bar in Taylor, MI – do remember to join us there concluding every show to hang with all your favorite CLASH stars! CLASH Wrestling will be making our Indiana debut on Saturday, 3/19 and returning to Taylor, MI on 3/26 for CLASH vs. CHIKARA, details forthcoming. Let’s get to the results –

RESULTS (02/26/11):

* “GQ” Gavin Quinn (c) def. “Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams via pinfall.

* Bump N Uglies def. Kris Konflict & Paul Bowser via pinfall in Tag Team Competition.

* Arella Angel def. Sassy Stephie via pinfall in a Women’s bout. Post-Match: Sassy Stephie offensively struck Arella Angel & continued the attack after the bell.

* H3RD Member, Austin Manix def. CLASH Tag Champion, Bryce Benjamin via pinfall.

* Sons Of Sanity (William J. O’Malley & Gideon Malice) def. Wrecking-Force (Wreckingball & Dragon Kreed) in a Table Match. ** While the referee was down, Bump N Uglies ran-in to assist William J. O’Malley with the victory.

** Ring Of Love Segment Debut featuring VH1 Reality Star “Jenny” from Rock Of Love Tour Bus. Jenny asked “Ace High” Cameron Skyy to the ring however received “Caveman” Tyler Elkins instead. As Tyler Elkins suggested he would open up his own reality love search called “Bedrock of Love”, he then proceeded to run down his opponents in the Contenders Cup. Cameron Skyy interrupted and challenged Elkins to a SEIZE THE DAY Rematch for Saturday, March 26 in Taylor, MI and it was accepted! With the acceptance, Skyy stormed the ring, and the two began to brawl until Shark Boy hit the ring and left Elkins with a Stunner to end the segment.

* H3RD Member, Ded Vaughn w/ Tommy Treznik def. Ian Decay in a No DQ match.

* Victorious Secret (Mason Conrad & Cameron Salem) def. “Big Bear” Benjamin Boone (replacing an injured Trik Davis) & T-D when Boone & T-D were unable to be a cohesive unit thus leading to Boone attacking T-D and then taking the pinfall to Victorious Secret.

* “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo def. “Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik, Mena Libra, “Caveman” Tyler Elkins, Shark Boy, & “Ace High” Cameron Skyy last pinning Treznik to win the Contenders Cup Trophy & #1 Contendership to Gavin Quinn’s belt. Match Notes: Skyy was eliminated by Shark Boy; Shark Boy was eliminated by Elkins; Skyy hit the ring once again delivering his “Sin City Sparklin” signature to Elkins to assist in his elimination by Libra; Mena Libra was eliminated by Tommy Treznik following a “Bus-Driver” signature.