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Event Results From All Out War (9/17/10)

September 18, 2010 · Print This Article

Thanks to all who attended ALL OUT WAR in Taylor, MI this past weekend! Without a doubt a night to remember, and the foundations of CLASH Wrestling were certainly “shook up” by CLASH CEO Truth Martini! CLASH Wrestling makes its return to action in Dearborn, MI on Saturday, October 23rd at the Dearborn Elks Lodge for THE FUTURE IS UNWRITTEN! Be sure to keep with CLASHWRESTLING.COM for more information.

RESULTS (9/17/2010):

** CLASH CEO Truth Martini interrupted the NO DQ encounter between Nightlife (Dave Manzo & Jack Night) and Tag Champions Wreck N Roll, however Wreckingball stood alone as Will Vendetta was not in attendance. Truth pointed this out and forced Wreck N Roll to forfeit their Tag Titles. This did not sit happy w/ Nightlife as they’ve wanted their hands on both of Wreck N Roll for quite sometime, leading to Jack Night pulling Truth aside and requesting the match continue as a handicap. Immediately, Truth Martini fired Jack Night from CLASH for touching him, then entering Dave Manzo & Wreckingball into the ALL OUT WAR Match later…

** Additionally, Truth Martini announced the Tag Titles would be on the line in the Tag Team Gauntlet later. With these groundbreaking announcements, Truth requested Cameron Skyy, Hakeem Zane, Tyler Elkins, Tommy Treznik, Austin Manix & “Mr. 450” Hammett to the ring. He announced the six men would compete in a 6 Way Fray match immediately, with the winning man gaining the last entry to ALL OUT WAR, while the pinned man would kickstart ALL OUT WAR (AOW) as #1!

* “Caveman” Tyler Elkins def. “Ace High” Cameron Skyy, Austin Manix, Hakeem Zane, “Mr. 450 Hammett” and “Mad Scientist of Maneuvers” Tommy Treznik when Skyy was pinned. Tyler Elkins would enter AOW last, and while Cameron Skyy would enter #1.

* Bump N Uglies def. Power Rangers, Koshur Klub (Joseph Schwartz & Sean Tylerstein), & Victorious Secret (Cameron Salem & Mason Conrad) to become the New CLASH Tag Team Champions.

* Mena Libra def. Randi West (replacing Nevaeh) via pinfall. This win, allowed by Truth Martini, gained Mena Libra entry into the ALL OUT WAR Match later…

* “GQ” Gavin Quinn won ALL OUT WAR last eliminating Dragon Kreed to become the #1 Contender for J. Miller’s CLASH Championship.

AOW Order Of Entry:
1. “Ace High”Cameron Skyy
2. “Mad Scientist Of Maneuvers” Tommy Treznik (H3RD)
3. Keith Calhoun
4. Bryce Benjamin of Too Sweet
5. Mena Libra
6. “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo
7. Truth Martini
8. “Mr. 450” Hammett
9. Gideon Malice
10. Donnie Hallows of Pain Killers (H3RD)
11. Wreckingball
12. Jacob Hallows of Pain Killers (H3RD)
13. Austin Manix (H3RD)
14. Hakeem Zane
15. Jimmy Jacobs
16. Jack Verville
17. Brandon Bishop
18. Dragon Kreed
19. Willie Watts
20. Valentino
21. “GQ” Gavin Quinn
22. Rave Killbourn
23. “Caveman” Tyler Elkins

AOW Order Of Elimination:
1. Keith Calhoun by Cameron Skyy
2. Truth Martini by Mena Libra
3. Mena Libra by Truth Martini
4. Gideon Malice by Wreckingball
5. “Mr 450” Hammett by Wreckingball
6. Bryce Benjamin by Wreckingball
7. Dave Manzo by Wreckingball
8. Wreckingball by H3RD
9. Hakeem Zane by H3RD
10. Donnie & Jacob Hallows by Dragon Kreed
11. Willie Watts by Brandon Bishop
12. Jack Verville by Gavin Quinn
13. Brandon Bishop by Rave Killbourn
14. Valentino by Tyler Elkins
15. Austin Manix by Dragon Kreed
16. Jimmy Jacobs by Gavin Quinn
17. Tyler Elkins by Cameron Skyy
18. Cameron Skyy by Tommy Treznik
19. Rave Killbourn by Tommy Treznik
20. Tommy Treznik by Dragon Kreed
21. Dragon Kreed by Gavin Quinn