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Event Results To Age Of Allegiance (4/17/10)

April 18, 2010 · Print This Article

Special thanks to all who made it to Age Of Allegiance this past Saturday Night in Taylor, MI! This event indeed made history with the most title switches in one night and then some! CLASH returns to action on May 8th for Fight Against Cancer III in conjunction with the Relay For Life. Event details forthcoming.

RESULTS (04/17/10):

** The New “Caveman’s Corner” Interview segment kicked off the show as Tyler Elkins interviewed Tommy Treznik. Treznik mentioned that if Miller defeats Cameron Skyy for the gold, he would be entitled to a title shot due to a pact made between the H3RD Members that if one of them wins the gold, they would offer the other a title shot.

*Tommy Treznik def. Dasher Hatfield via pinfall.

* Wreckingball & Will Vendetta def. Nightlife (Dave Manzo & Jack Night) to become New CLASH Tag Team Champions.

* Dragon Kreed def. Mark Angel, Josh Thor, GQ, Keith Calhoun, Brandon Edwards, Rave Killbourn, & Austin Manix in a CLASH Gauntlet Match.

**A shocking return of Rave Killbourn as a mystery competitor aimed at revenge towards former Friend GQ! The two fled the scene in battle, more on this as it develops.

* Eddie Venom def. Danny Danger via pinfall.

* Mena Libra def. Blue Ranger via pinfall.

** Current CLASH Champion “Ace High” Cameron Skyy announced that he had sustained a broken forearm at another live event in Chicago requiring surgery this past week inserting a metal plate & screws to assemble his forearm again. This injury will force Skyy out of action for 3-5 months. However, Skyy informed his opponent J. Miller that he would not forfeit.

J. Miller respectfully declined to win a belt this way. Tommy Treznik made his way out stating that if Miller is declining, Treznik would gladly take advantage of the situation.

* Tommy Treznik def. Cameron Skyy to become the new CLASH Champion.

** Miller remembered that pact the 2 made and challenged Treznik right then.

* J. Miller def. Tommy Treznik via pinfall to become new CLASH Champion.