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Event Results From Seize The Day V (01/21/12)

January 22, 2012 · Print This Article

Hey all, super big thanks to everyone that made it out to our Anniversary Event, SEIZE THE DAY V! It was a solid show from top to bottom and the party was non-stop with our post-show celebration at Big League Brews in Taylor, MI! CLASH Wrestling is back full-force for its 2012 season and returns to action on Saturday, February 25th for the CONTENDERS CUP! Details forthcoming…

RESULTS (01/21/2012):

**Colt Cabana vs. Zach Gowen turned into a No Contest when The Painkillers (Donnie & Jacob Hallows) interjected themselves thus turning the bout into a Tag Team match.

* Colt Cabana & Zach Gowen def. The Painkillers via pinfall.

** On the CLASHOTRON, the H3RD (Tommy Treznik & Ded Vaughn) were shown discussing their upcoming Tag Team match. Treznik had an elixir to help restore Vaughn to his previous form (which was even more monstrous before) to aid them in winning tonight’s contest. As they walked away, William J. O’Malley picked up what was left, and drank the rest of the elixir.

** Dragon Greed announced that with the CEO powers instilled in him by CEO Truth Martini, he’d like to add an impartial referee to his match of Austin Manix.

* Dragon Greed def. “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo via pinfall w/ Austin Manix as the Special Referee.

* Wreckingball def. “Caveman” Tyler Elkins via pinfall after putting him through a table in a Non-Sanctioned bout.

** On the CLASHOTRON, Dragon Greed informed The Painkillers that because they chose to interject themselves into a match earlier with Cabana & Gowen; they will be removed from the Tag Team Championship contest later that night.

* “Amazing” N8 Mattson made his way out to the ring and delivered a farewell address as he leaves behind 15 years as an in-ring competitor throughout the Midwest. Mattson will continue to work for CLASH Wrestling in a non-wrestling capacity with more news forthcoming. Amidst his heartfelt speech, he attempted to say goodbye to the folks in CLASH he had been associated with over the last year – Mena Libra & Cameron Skyy. However, Cameron Skyy interrupted Mattson explaining that the “passing of the torch” he was attempting was extinguished like his career. Skyy continued to place blame on Mattson for this losing streak and was happy to see him go. More info on Skyy’s radical behavior as we get it…

* H3RD def. Too Sweet (Bryce Benjamin & Joey Marx) to become the new CLASH Tag Team Champions.

* Mena Libra & Will Vendetta (formerly William J. O’Malley, but drinking the elixir reverted him back to his former persona) def. “American Nightmare” Hakim Zane & Mason Conrad via pinfall.

* “Ace High” Cameron Skyy def. Jimmy Wang Yang via pinfall.

* Petey Williams def. “GQ” Gavin Quinn & J. Miller when Petey pinned Quinn to become the new CLASH Heavyweight Champion.