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Event Results From Relay For Life (05/19/2012)

May 22, 2012 · Print This Article

Special thanks to everyone that helped contribute to our success this weekend at the 2012 Relay For Life! CLASH Wrestling returns to action in one month’s time as we kickstart the summer on Saturday, June 23rd with Age Of Allegiance! Stay tuned for updates on this event. Below are the event results from this past weekend:

RESULTS (05/19/12):

* “GQ” Gavin Quinn def. “Wreckingball” Randy Casey via pinfall.
* H3RD (“Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik & Ded Vaughn) (c) def. “Professor” Mathew Priest & Interim CEO, Dragon Greed.
* “Ace High” Cameron Skyy def. “Murderous Monk” J.Miller via pinfall after Gavin Quinn caused a distraction.
* Mena Libra def. “Caveman” Tyler Elkins via pinfall.