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Event Results From Future Is Unwritten (10/23/10)

October 26, 2010 · Print This Article

First and foremost, special thanks to all those who attended THE FUTURE IS UNWRITTEN this past Saturday, 10/23 in Taylor, MI! Best wishes to a speedy recovery go out to CLASH Competitor J. Miller who was unable to appear due to sustaining a broken leg at a live event in Berwyn, Illinois the night prior. CLASH Wrestling returns to action on Saturday, November 20th for DIVIDED WE FALL in Taylor, MI at TaylorTown Trade Center!

RESULTS (10/23/10):

** Former Tag Partners “The Friends” Rave Killbourn & new #1 Contender “GQ” Gavin Quinn confronted each other. Killbourn has wanted Quinn in a one on one bout since his turn in February, and with J. Miller being out of action and the Main Event in need of change, the challenge was made!

* Bump N Uglies (c) def. Victorious Secret (Mason Conrad & Cameron Salem) via pinfall in a Non-Title Tag Match.

* “Mad Scientist of Maneuvers” Tommy Treznik def. “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo via pinfall.

**Before the bout, Manzo drank Treznik’s super strength elixir and did exhibit superhuman feats throughout the contest, despite Treznik continutally stating that his elixirs only work on himself.

* The Wreckingball & Too Sweet (Bryce Benjamin & Joey Marx) def. H3RD (Austin Manix, Jacob & Donnie Hallows of Pain Killers) via pinfall when Wreckingball pinned Donnie Hallows.

* Hakeem Zane & Arella Angel def. “Hebrew Hammer” Joseph Schwartz & Randi West via pinfall when Zane pinned Schwartz in Mixed Tag Action. After the match, a mysterious masked man attacked Zane.

* In a hilarious moment that has to be seen, Mena Libra was victorious in the CLASH Costume Contest. Impersonating contest host Truth Martini, Libra easily defeating the other competitors which included Blue Ranger, John Striker, B., Jeremy Jones & Corky Robinson.

* Jimmy Jacobs def. “Caveman” Tyler Elkins via pinfall. Post Match saw Elkins applying his “Caveman’s Clutch” submission to Jacobs until Cameron Skyy made the save convincing Elkins to break the hold.

* “Ace High” Cameron Skyy def. “Elder Statesman” Gideon Malice via pinfall.

** Will Vendetta made his way out to the ring, with not a shade of the color Green on him. He stated that “Will Vendetta” was simply a stage name and he is not a “Guitar Hero” with all of his cheesy theatrics, but rather did this to garner attention from the CLASH Faithful. Decommishioning the name “Will Vendetta,” he stated his name is actually William J. O’Malley and from this point forward, he would take a more serious approach to his Professional Wrestling career.

At this time, Dragon Kreed made his way out inquiring William J. O’Malley if he was serious. Immediately, O’Malley took offense to this and shoved Kreed resulting in a decimation by the former CLASH Champion.

This brought out the H3RD; Treznik attempted to persuade Kreed to join the H3RD. Once he refused, this became into a vicious beatdown on Kreed by all of H3RD until Wreckingball made the save. However, this attack then stemmed to Wreckingball as Kreed was taped to the ropes, resulting in a huge legdrop off the top by Treznik onto Wreckingball with his head wedged between two chairs. “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo made the save still exhibiting his Super Strength from earlier to clear H3RD from ringside, however damage had already been done to the Wreckingball. Details still forthcoming on the extent of the injury.

* “GQ” Gavin Quinn def. Rave Killbourn via pinfall.