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Event Results From Fight Against Cancer 5

April 30, 2012 · Print This Article

Special thanks to all who contributed in our FIGHT AGAINST CANCER 5 event as all proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society as part of the 2012 Relay For Life. CLASH Wrestling will be on hand at the Relay For Life at Heritage Park on Saturday, May 19th; stay with CLASHWRESTLING.COM for more information. Below were the event results from this past weekend’s extravaganza –

RESULTS (04/28/12):

* “Ace High” Cameron Skyy def. Bryce Benjamin (selected by Petey Williams (c)) via submission in one of four “Competitors Choice” matches.

* Mena Libra def. Leah Von Dutch via pinfall in a Women’s Lumberjack match.

** Post Match: Gavin Quinn & J.Miller acting as Lumberjacks went in for the attack on one another to be pulled apart by the order of Interim CEO Dragon Greed. Greed declared that the two would meet in singles action on June 23rd at “Age Of Allegiance” but the two could not lay a finger on one another until that date or the match would be called off and that athlete would be terminated.

** Immediately, “Amazing” N8 Mattson charged out to kick off his “That’s Amazing!” segment wanting to interview Dragon Greed to determine Randy “Wreckingball” Casey’s employment status with CLASH. Greed said that if Wreckingball had PROOF of Greed saying that he had hired back Casey at last month’s show, he’d consider it valid. Casey ran a clip from CLASH TO THE FUTURE: PART IV where Greed came out the time machine as 2011’s Dragon Kreed where he was filmed stating that if he were ever in charge, he would not fire the Wreckingball. With that, Greed was upset and scheduled Randy “Wreckingball” Casey to a Tag Team match against the Conrad Brothers and that Casey had 5 seconds to choose a partner to which “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo answered the call.

* Conrad Brothers (Mason & Jason) def. Randy “Wreckingball” Casey & “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo via pinfall.

* “Murderous Monk” J.Miller def. “Caveman” Tyler Elkins (selected by Gavin Quinn) via pinfall in one of four “Competitors Choice” matches.

*H3RD member, Ded Vaughn (c) def. Ovirload via pinfall.

* “GQ” Gavin Quinn def. “Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik (selected by J.Miller) via pinfall in one of four “Competitor Choice” matches.

** Post Match: Newcomer, “Professor” Mathew Priest commented on what Treznik did wrong in his encounter with Quinn and asked him how he sleeps with that decision, being the Scientist he is. Treznik reaffirmed Priest that he isn’t the only scholarly competitor here and that the next time Priest sticks his nose in where it doesn’t belong, he won’t hesitate on sending his invention, Ded Vaughn on him. With that, Priest retreated.

* Petey Williams (c) def. Interim CEO, Dragon Greed (selected by Cameron Skyy) via submission in one of four “Competitors Choice” matches.