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Event Results From All Out War! (09/29/12)

October 3, 2012 · Print This Article

Special thanks to all that joined us for the 2012 All Out War! CLASH Wrestling returns to Taylor, MI for our Halloween spectacular CLASH FROM THE CRYPT on Saturday, October 20th!

RESULTS (09/29/12):

** “Amazing” N8 Mattson is out with his “That’s Amazing!” segment talking the “All Out War” match and recent run-in’s with former friend, “Ace High” Cameron Skyy. Immediately, Cameron Skyy interrupted N8, rubbing his victory from last month in. N8 challenged Skyy to an impromptu match to which Skyy accepted.

* ”Amazing” N8 Mattson def. Cameron Skyy via disqualification when Skyy used the aid of a chair.

** Interim CEO, Dragon Greed is shown backstage talking “All Out War” entries with Mason Conrad. Conrad mentioned his brother Jason Conrad was unable to compete tonight but would be back next month. After their discussion, Greed accidentally dropped the extra entry ticket (meant for Jason Conrad) in which a fellow CLASH colleague and Coach of local football team, Ron, stumbled upon.

* Too Sweet (Bryce Benjamin & Joey Marx) def. H3RD (Tommy Treznik & Ded Vaughn) to become the new CLASH Tag Team Champions!

* Petey Williams (c) vs. J.Miller ended in a draw. When given the option to restart the match, Petey Williams refused.

* Blue Ranger won the 2012 “All Out War” match, last eliminating Gavin Quinn to become the new #1 contender to challenge Petey Williams (c).

– Order Of Entry
1. Joey Marx
2. Cameron Skyy
3. Mason Conrad
4. Amazing N8
5. Leah Von Dutch
6. Wreckingball
7. Mathew Priest
8. RingMaster B
9. Gavin Quinn
10. Colt Ryan
11. Coach Ron
12. Dave Manzo
13. Mike Daniels
14. Bryce Benjamin
15. Ovirload
16. Tyler Elkins
17. Tommy Treznik
18. Blue Ranger
19. Dragon Greed
20. Ded Vaughn

– Order Of Elimination
1. Cameron Skyy by Amazing N8
2. Amazing N8 by Cameron Skyy
3. Joey Marx by Mason Conrad
4. Ringmaster B by Leah Von Dutch
5. Leah Von Dutch by Gavin Quinn
6. Mason Conrad by Gavin Quinn
7. Colt Ryan by Coach Ron
8. Coach Ron by Mathew Priest
9. Mathew Priest by Wreckingball
10. Wreckingball by Gavin Quinn
11. Bryce Benjamin by Tyler Elkins
12. Mike Daniels by Tommy Treznik
13. Ovirload by Dragon Greed
14. Dave Manzo by Ded Vaughn
15. Tyler Elkins by The H3RD
16. Dragon Greed by Tommy Treznik
17. Ded Vaughn by Gavin Quinn
18. Tommy Treznik by Gavin Quinn
19. Gavin Quinn by Blue Ranger