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Event Results From Merry CLASHmas (12/10/10)

December 12, 2010 · Print This Article

Special thanks and happy holidays to everyone in the world of CLASH Wrestling! We’d like to especially thank those who attended MERRY CLASHMAS live in Dearborn, MI this past Friday night! Remember, CLASH Wrestling returns to action on January 29, 2011 for our anniversary event, Seize The Day IV in Taylor, MI at Taylortown Trade Center!

** Santa Claus opened up “Merry Clashmas,” however, new CLASH Champion, “GQ” Gavin Quinn immediately interrupted boasting of his win over Cameron Skyy last month and asking Santa for a vacation on the weekend of Seize The Day IV on 1/29/11. The jolly one stated that Quinn had been a bad boy this season and would not get a vacation, instead made the special “X-Mas” announcement that Former WWE Superstar, X-Pac would challenge Quinn for the belt that weekend!

“Caveman” Tyler Elkins soon made his way out as he had been looking forward to meeting Santa all his life. Santa noted he had a gift for Elkins; inside the gift bag Elkins found a deck of cards and a pair of blinking “Sin City Shades.” Once he looked up, Santa ripped off his beard and was found to be “Ace High” Cameron Skyy! A 2 on 1 assault went under way until Jimmy Jacobs evened out the odds and cleared Quinn & Elkins out of the ring!

* ??? (Masked Man) def. White Ranger via pinfall.

* Too Sweet (Bryce Benjamin & Joey Marx) (c) def. William J. O’Malley & Gideon Malice via pinfall in a Non-Title match.

* “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo, Wreckingball, Dragon Kreed, & Hakeem Zane def. H3RD (“Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik, Austin Manix, Jacob & Donnie Hallows of Pain Killers) in an 8 man elimination tag match. During this bout, the controversy over Dave Manzo’s “Super Strength” from drinking Treznik’s elixir 2 months back continued as he became the first man to body slam the Wreckingball, slamming him on Austin Manix as a form of offense for his team. “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo was the soul survivor for his team.

** Afterwards, it was revealed that the masked man who defeated White Ranger earlier is the newest member of Tommy Treznik’s H3RD Schematic, making his entrance this time in all white. Treznik then taught this new monster the PGD finisher that Treznik had utilized in the past, as it was Manzo on the receiving end. As Treznik then attempted to pour an antidote to Manzo’s “Super Strength” down his throat, Manzo’s tag partners made the save! The challenge was then made that an antidote would hang above the ring at Seize The Day IV, and the only way to retrieve it was via a Ladder!

* Bump N Uglies def. Victorious Secret (Mason Conrad & Cameron Salem) w/ Arella Angel & Willie Watts via pinfall.

** Mena Libra came out and talked about her upcoming match with Truth Martini at Seize The Day IV, was interrupted by William O’Malley & Gideon Malice, whom talked down on Mena. As the degrading of Mena continued, Mena got the best of the two by taking off Gideon’s Sport Prescription Eye Glasses, and putting them on O’Malley, blinding the two of them temporarily.

* “GQ” Gavin Quinn & “Caveman” Tyler Elkins def. Jimmy Jacobs & “Ace High” Cameron Skyy via pinfall when Quinn pinned Jacobs.