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Event Results for CLASH Wrestling’s Age Of Allegiance (4/29/17)

May 22, 2017 · Print This Article

HUGE thanks to the packed house at last night’s #AgeOfAllegiance supershow from CLASH Wrestling in Taylor, MI. Additional thanks to our long time sponsor, Big League Brews for hosting the after-party for the #GreenAndBlackAttack. CLASH makes its return to Taylor, MI on Saturday, 6/17/17. Below were the results:
* Justin Pilgrim & Devin Shaw def. H3RD (Jack Vaughn & Dr. Wrecking-Ball w/ Tommy Treznik) (c) via pinfall.
* Ari Alvarado def. Mike Del via pinfall. Post match: The possessed Sepultra DeManzo executed additional destruction to the competitors in the ring before exiting, prior to his #1 contendership match later. 
* Announcer Matt Bishop highlights this next match-up following last months post match celebration of “GQ” Gavin Quinn’s final CLASH bout when Juntai laid GQ out while Cameron Skyy had made the save.
* “Sin City Sparklin’” Cameron Skyy def. Juntai via pinfall. Post match: Just like last month, Juntai went on the attack to the victorious Skyy, sending him into the turnpost and driving his head into the concrete floor. CLASH security aided Skyy to the back.
* In-Ring segment between Maserati Rick & James Alexander as the two stars delivered back & forth verbal comments before their #1 contendership match later.
* Leah Vaughan (c) def. Nevaeh via pinfall to retain the CLASH Women’s Championship.
* James Alexander def. Maserati Rick, Elk, & Sepultra DeManzo in a 4-way elimination match to become the new #1 contender for the CLASH Championship. Match notes: This match saw interference from the H3RD in their successful efforts of aiding to Elk’s elimination.
* Justin Mane (c) def. “Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik via pinfall to retain the CLASH Championship. Match notes: This too saw Treznik’s H3RD clan attempt interference which was stopped by a charging Elk, allowing Mane to pick up the definitive victory over Treznik.