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Divided We Fall Eliminator Series Announced For 11/19!

October 27, 2011 · Print This Article

With CLASH From The Crypt now in the history books, all of CLASH Wrestling’s attention has turned to our final show of the year, Divided We Fall on November 19th. Traditionally, Divided We Fall is one of the most anticipated CLASH events of the year, and 2011 should be no exception.

This year’s Divided We Fall marks the debut of our latest concept: the Divided We Fall Eliminator Series! The aim of the Divided We Fall Eliminator Series is to test the competitors of CLASH in an ultimate battle of teamwork and survival.

The Series itself is made up of five matches, all of which will take place on November 19th. Surviving one of the four Divided We Fall Eliminator bouts will qualify one entry into the Series Final. All in all, 20 CLASH competitors will enter the Divided We Fall Eliminator Series. On each side, 10 competitors will be broken down four ways, into a Single, a Tag Team, a Trio & a Quadrant. The two sides will then compete in a Singles Match, a traditional Tag, a 6 Man & 8 Man Tag Team Matches, all under elimination rules.

Whichever combination of competitors survive the qualifying round of the Divided We Fall Eliminator Series will then advance to the Series Final that same night! In this Series Final, the possibilities are absolutely endless! The match itself could end up being 9 against 1, 8 against 2, 7 against 3, 5 against 5, 4 against 4, 5 against 1, 3 against 3, 2 against 2, etc! Again, the possibilities are endless!

In the end, many will be eliminated and only a few (perhaps only one) will survive! Which competitor(s) will endure the ultimate challenge of the Divided We Fall Eliminator Series? There’s only one way to find out! Join us for the final CLASH Wrestling event of 2011, DIVIDED WE FALL, live on Saturday November 19th! Tickets are available, now, click here to get yours today!