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Detailed Results From 2008 Triple Crown Cup

March 29, 2008 · Print This Article

This past Saturday night, CLASH Wrestling presented the 2008 Triple Crown Cup Tournament and over 220 CLASH fans packed the Taylor Town Trade Center to witness the event! The 08′ Triple Crown Cup will be remembered for it’s fast paced, high flying, and absolutely off the charts action!! When the night was said and done, everyone in attendance agreed that the show certainly lived up to, and exceeded, all expectations!

In the opening bout of the night, CLASH’s newest wrestler, Dragan Kreed took on the ultra-quick Khameleon. Despite his speed advantage, Khameleon was no match for Kreed on this night and quickly fell to a sitout powerbomb by the debuting newcomer.

To kick start the Triple Crown Cup Tournament, Nicholas Clastertone asked all 9 competitors to enter the ring and pose for a photograph with the Triple Crown Cup Trophy and a large check for $3333.33. It was at this point at Clashertone announced Rave Killbourn had yet to gain medical clearance, and that a replacement was found and would be utilized if Rave could not perform.

In the first Triple Crown Cup Round 1 Match (Remember, all matches were held at random), “The All American” Dave Manzo and Jack Night made their way to the ring. It was at this point that Rave Killbourn’s music played throughout the loud speakers. Castor Strong and Jack Night were seen laughing, thinking that Rave was still at home. Moments later, Rave Killbourn made his miracalous return, coming from underneath the ring to wallop Jack Night in the back of the head with singapore cane. During the match. Rave and Jack fought tooth and nail trying to injure one another. Dave Manzo used this to his advantage, catching Killbourn off guard and scoring a quick pinfall on the “Modern Day Outlaw.”

In the second first round match of the evening, CLASH Champion “Ace High” Cameron Skyy took on Tommy Tydie and the #1 contender to his championship, J. Miller. All three men were extremely focused on winning the matchup and brought everything they had to the contest. In the end, Tydie was able to counter a go behind by J. Miller and push the “Muderous Monk” into Cameron Skyy and get the victory.

The final first round match of the Triple Crown Cup Tournament, three fan favorites battled in a match that, despite any outcome, would have sent the CLASH crowd home happy. GQ Assassin, Skull Williams, and Will Vendetta fought tooth and nail for the third in final spot in the finals of the Tournament. In the end, GQ Assassin was able to counter Skull’s Final Revenger into to Stunner to be the third man in the Triple Crown Cup finals.

After intermission, fans were treated to a Non-Tournament match between Joseph T. Storm and Steff O’Riley. With the CLASH fans solidly in his corner, Steff fought back from a prematch attack by JTS. During the bout JTS used his size and strength to keep Steff down, but the irish competitor was able to mount a comeback and almost had the match won until Jeremy Jones pulled him out of the ring. O’Riley and Jones then started to push one another, culminating in Steff reaching back and punching Jones in the face. With his back turned, Steff was caught in a new submission by JTS and forced to tap out.

Right before the Main Event of the evening, Cameron Skyy made his way to the ring to discuss his upcoming match with J. Miller on April 4th in Rockwood. Before the “Ace High” could make his feelings known, Miller also came to the ring to offer his view on the subject matter. After repeated verbal attacks on the Taylor crowd by Miller, Cameron Skyy riled the ringside fans into a frenzy by offering a handful of free tickets to the Rockwood event. Without question, the Taylor crowd is solidly behind Skyy in this championship matchup on Friday, April 4th.

In was then time for the Main Event of the evening, the finals of the 2008 Triple Crown Cup Tournament – where the winner walked away with not only the triple crown cup trophy, but with $3333.33 in cold hard cash. Dave Manzo, Tommy Tydie, and GQ Assassin made their ways to the ring and were introduced to the Taylor crowd. Right before the bell rang, in a sign of respect, the ringside fans tossed CLASH colored streamers into the ring. This main event has to be seen to be believed! All three men put their bodies on the line to in an effort to walk away the victor. In the end, it looked as if GQ Assassin had the match won, hitting a Stunner on Dave Manzo as he crawled his way to make the cover. Just before GQ got to Manzo, Tommy Tydie rushed back into the ring and rolled GQ up in an Oklahoma Roll to score the victory. Tommy Tydie was victorious and crowned the winner of the 2008 Triple Crown Cup Tournament!!

Tydie celebrated in grand fashion before Will Vendetta entered the ring. This was the first time these two men stood face to face since March 8th, when Tydie faked a phone call claiming Will’s grandmother was rushed to a hospital. Since interference was barred on this day, Tommy Tydie begged Will Vendetta to hit him, in an attempt to get Will suspended. Tydie and Vendetta stood face to face, before Tydie backed away and left Will, alone, inside the ring. Without question, the war between these two continues to heat up, nearly 3 months after it began.

2008 Triple Crown Cup (3/22/2008) Quick Results

Dragan Kreed defeated Khameleon by pinfall.

Triple Crown Cup Tournament: Round 1 Matches.
Dave Manzo defeated Rave Killbourn and Jack Night by pinfall.
Tommy Tydie defeated Cameron Skyy and J. Miller by pinfall.
GQ Assassin defeated Will Vendetta and Skull Williams by pinfall.

JTS defeated Steff O’Riley via submission.

Triple Crown Cup Tournament Finals.
Tommy Tydie defeated GQ Assassin and Dave Manzo by pinfall to win the tournament.