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Ded Vaughn’s Challenge Answered For Saturday Night!

February 22, 2011 · Print This Article

Last week, Tommy Treznik on behalf of his monster Ded Vaughn, issued an open challenge to the wrestling world. The Mad Scientist wrote, “Thus, consider this a challenge to ANYONE AND EVERYONE within the world of professional wrestling! At the Contenders Cup my Ded Vaughn wants, rather NEEDS a specimen: someone who he can punch, kick, choke and torture! February 26th my monster and I await. The terms and conditions of the match are subject to he foolish enough to suggest them.”

For the better part of a week, CLASH management waited for someone to accept the challenge. As the days passed and it looked as if noone was going to step forward, officials recieved an email early this morning. The author, Ian Decay, is an underground deathmatch master, having spent over a decade fighting all across North America. Decay has accepted the challenge and per Tommy Treznik’s conditions has requested his bout with Ded Vaughn be contested under “No Disqualification” rules.

With Vaughn’s challenge accepted, the final match for this Saturday’s Contenders Cup is now known. Will Ian Decay find success in his CLASH debut? Or will Vaughn, the Mad Scientist’s “Instrument of Destruction” claim another victim? There’s only one way to find out! Join us THIS SATURDAY NIGHT when CLASH Wrestling presents the first ever CONTENDERS CUP! Presale tickets are available until Thursday night, get them while you can!