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Competitor Spotlight: “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo

August 2, 2011 · Print This Article

Competitor Spotlight: “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo – He’s known as a lot of things: Swagg E. Fresh, Swagg Starr, Swagg Master etc. Let’s put it this way, if there’s Swagg, he’s got it! Dave Manzo is a CLASH original, wrestling in the very first match of the very first event in company history: Seize The Day I on January 5th, 2008 and has been a highly ranked competitor ever since. Although yet to be CLASH Champion, Manzo has been in contention for the gold on numerous occasions spanning his near 4 year career and is a former CLASH Tag Team Champion. Today we’re going to explore more of the Swagg Starr’s career and we hope you’ll learn a few things as we detail how Dave Manzo became the “King of Swagg” in CLASH Wrestling.

2008: An “All American” Dave Manzo – Many may not recall but Dave Manzo’s debut in CLASH Wrestling was against the “Ace High” Cameron Skyy in the opening match of Seize The Day I. During that time known as the “All American” Dave Manzo (complete with red, white, & blue singlet) managed by Coach “B” (current CLASH ring announcer “B”), he was immediately a top competitor battling for contention of the CLASH Championship. The antagonist duo of Manzo & Coach B were often showered with “Coach B Sucks” chants during Manzo’s in-ring action.

Late 2008-2009: “All American” Becomes “Swagg Starr” – Just as Dave Manzo began gaining the respect of the CLASH faithful, a curve ball was thrown. B rechristened Manzo the “Swagg Starr.” Soon after, Manzo & B paired up with former CLASH Champion Jack Night to create the tag team of Nightlife. By October 2009, Nightlife had acquired the CLASH Tag Team Championship and proved to be the team to beat in CLASH with victories over both the Friends (GQ & Rave Killbourn) and The H3RD (Tommy Treznik & J. Miller) under their belts.

2010: Nightlife Dissolves – Nightlife’s ride of tag team success came to a halt in April last year as the odd couple of Wreckingball & Will Vendetta (Wreck-N-Roll) claimed victory and defeated Manzo & Night for their gold. Although Wreck-N-Roll did not find working together amusing; their unexplainable cohesiveness kept Nightlife from recapturing the straps. A few months later, in September 2010, CLASH CEO Truth Martini fired Jack Night thus leaving Dave Manzo as a singles competitor once again.

Back on his own, “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo began to turn another corner with the CLASH fans after he was paired in a bout with the evil “Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik. Treznik had constructed a “Super Strength” elixir designed for his use, however things backfired when Manzo drank a mouthful of the yellow concoction. With this new found strength, Supermanzo drove the “Mad Scientist” into a frenzy to create an antidote, which he did at Seize The Day IV. Ultimately defeated by Treznik, Manzo was forced to drink the antidote, causing him to lose his super strength and revert back to his normal “Swagg” self.

2011: Singles Success – Dave Manzo has seen great success in his singles career this year as he was the victor of the inaugural “Contenders Cup” to crown a #1 Contender and has defeated a number of competitors along his path to the CLASH Championship. At 100 on 8/6, the “Swagg Starr” takes his hot streak to the test as he takes on the returning Hakim Zane!

Dates Of Significance
01/05/08: “All American” Dave Manzo wrestles in the first match in CLASH Wrestling history.
03/22/08: Wrestles in the finals of the first ever Triple Crown Cup Tournament.
11/22/08: Dave Manzo becomes the “Swagg Starr.”
08/08/09: With Jack Night, Nightlife defeat The H3RD (Treznik & Miller) in a vicious Street Fight.
10/23/09: Nightlife capture the CLASH Tag Team Championship defeating The Friends.
07/17/10: For the second time in two years, Nightlife is a finalist in the NPCI Tag Team Tournament.
02/26/11: Dave Manzo wins the inaugural “Contenders Cup” and becomes #1 Contender.
08/06/11: 100 CLASH events later, Dave Manzo prepares to take on a returning Hakim Zane.