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Competitor Spotlight: “Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik

April 11, 2012 · Print This Article

Competitor Spotlight: “Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik – Perhaps one of the most unique and successful personalities in CLASH Wrestling; Tommy Treznik’s professional wrestling portfolio has evolved from the “Man’s Man” to diabolical “Mad Scientist.” His talents have equated to championship success in both the CLASH Singles & Tag Team divisions. Treznik’s most recognized achievements throughout his CLASH tenure lie in tag team wrestling as he holds more Tag Team Championship reigns than any other CLASH competitor in history.

2008: Man’s Man & The H3RD Forms – The first few months of Treznik’s CLASH career will be remembered by his six month feud with then rising star Will Vendetta battling in everything from singles matches to street fights including the only Parking Lot Brawl in CLASH history. More importantly in 2008, Tommy Treznik achieved his first Tag Team gold with J.Miller as the first version of The H3RD at the inaugural NPCI Tag Tournament outlasting The Friends (Gavin Quinn & Rave Killbourn). To this day, fans of old still talk about the memorable feud between the two teams that lead to the only Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match in CLASH history in August 2008.

2009: The H3RD Dissolves & Reunites – At the start of 2009, The H3RD suffered defeat in their final match against The Friends, a Tag Team Iron Man match at Seize The Day II. At the same event, Treznik’s partner J.Miller sustained a serious injury at the hands of The Wreckingball. Just a few weeks later, Treznik recaptured Tag Team gold as one half of the short lived tandem named Prominence. Upon J. Miller’s return to CLASH Wrestling, he & Treznik reunited to challenge then champions, Nightlife (Dave Manzo & Jack Night w/ B). Unable to recapture the CLASH Tag Team Championship again, Treznik & Miller soon began to eye individual goals as the year ended.

2010: The Evolution Of The Mad Scientist – In the first few months of the year, Treznik focused solely on winning the CLASH Championship and during this time his demeanor changed. This culiminated on the night of April 17th when Tommy Treznik defeated an injured Cameron Skyy to become CLASH Champion. Upon his victory, he was challenged by his ally J. Miller & eighteen minutes later was defeated by his former partner thus marking Treznik’s reign as CLASH Champion the shortest in history.

These series of events lead to the evolution of Treznik to the “Mad Scientist” he is today. With his lifelong interest in science now at the forefront, Treznik transformed his look and in-ring work, blending a collection of self manufactured maneuvers into his arensal. As 2010 came to a close, the ring wasn’t Treznik’s only laboratory as we soon saw elixirs make their way into CLASH; his feud with “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo highlighted these over a battle of “Super Strength” gone wrong.

2011-2012: Enter Ded Vaughn & The H3RD – Following a victory at Seize The Day IV in an “Antidote” Ladder Match over Dave Manzo, Treznik began to again focus on Tag Team competition, only this time with a partner he could completely control. During this time CLASH was introduced to Ded Vaughn, a mute, masked monster created by Treznik himself. This darker and more devious version of The H3RD has proven to be quite successful, as Treznik & Vaughn have captured Tag Team gold on two occasions and are the current Champions. In recent months months we have seen the bond between Monster & Scientist grow great lengths, which begs the question, “Who or what will be able to unseat The H3RD atop the Tag Team mountain in CLASH Wrestling?”

Dates Of Significance:
01/05/08: Wrestles in the Main Event of Seize The Day I, the first event in CLASH history.
03/22/08: Wins the first ever Triple Crown Cup Tournament.
06/14/08: Captures first Tag Team Championship with J. Miller as The H3RD.
08/30/08: Takes part in the only Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match in CLASH history.
01/24/09: Captures a record breaking fourth Tag Title Championship as one half of Prominence.
04/17/10: Becomes CLASH Champion for 18 Minutes before losing to J. Miller.
07/16/10: Treznik’s transformation is complete as he evolves into the “Mad Scientist.”
12/10/10: Introduces the world to his creation, the masked monster Ded Vaughn.
04/23/11: Captures his fifth Tag Team Championship with Ded Vaughn as The H3RD.
01/21/12: Captures his sixth Tag Team Championship with Ded Vaughn as The H3RD.