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Competitor Spotlight: Dragon Greed

September 16, 2011 · Print This Article

Competitor Spotlight: Dragon Greed – Given his most recent name change, we here at CLASHWRESTLING.COM figured we’d spotlight the accomplishments of Dragon Kreed which may guide us on the expectations of Dragon Greed. Without a doubt one of the biggest competitors in CLASH Wrestling, Greed is a former CLASH Champion. Whether loved or hated, Dragon is certainly a staple of CLASH Wrestling and has experienced great success during his tenure.

2008: Kreed Makes An Impact - Debuted as Dragon Kreed in March 2008 at an event called “Triple Crown Cup,” he instantly made an impact. Standing 6’4” and weighing 265 lbs; Dragon used his size and stature to run through opponents the bulk of the year. Aligned himself with then CEO Jeremy Jones and Wreckingball to make up Jonescorp (later renamed Wreckingforce). The two monsters individually and collaboratively made names for themselves until a disagreement broke them apart, leading to a huge collision at our annual Seize The Day II in which Dragon Kreed was victorious.

2009: A Championship Year - Arguably the most successful year of Kreed’s CLASH career, 2009 saw the hatred that once resonated within CLASH fans for Kreed begin to slowly transition to cheers in recognition of his complete dominance. Early 09 brought on a championship opportunity against then Champion, Cameron Skyy. Immediately it was obvious that when these two stood toe to toe in the ring, there was a landslide of favorable support for Kreed. This lead to not only a CLASH Championship run when he pinned Skyy on March 29, 2009 in Taylor, MI; but also the beginning of a feud stretching over a year in length.

Dragon Kreed and Cameron Skyy battled back and forth over CLASH gold in 2009 giving Kreed the win on every occasion which only built up more frustration and fuel to the fire from Skyy’s front. On June 6th of that year, they battled once more, and what had looked like another definitive win for Kreed; Skyy aligned himself with Tyler Elkins leading to a post match attack injuring Kreed’s shoulder. This injury would keep him out of in-ring action until January 2010.

2010: Return From Injury - Kreed started 2010 with a return to the ring and began to seek revenge for the attack by Cameron Skyy & Tyler Elkins. As it seemed the war would wage once again, Skyy suffered a broken forearm putting a halt to Kreed’s pursuit. After waiting for Skyy to recover, the two met in action one final time in August. In their final encounter, Kreed definitively and conclusively defeated Skyy. Immediately following the bout, the two men made amends.

2011: Kreed Becomes Greed - Early 2011 saw a reunion of Wreckingforce as Kreed & Wreckingball were able to let time heal wounds and jump head first back into the Tag Team division. Wreckingforce had been gaining steam as a cohesive unit until April when CEO Truth Martini ran through a “Spring Cleaning” and terminated both Wreckingball and Dragon Kreed.

Kreed had gone unseen until CLASH Wrestling 100 on August 6th. At the event, he pleaded for his job back and offered his services as the accomplice of CLASH CEO Truth Martini. Since his return, the greed-driven Dragon had most recently denounced his former ring name replacing the “K” with “G” coining himself Dragon Greed. Perhaps now more than ever before Dragon has it all: fame, fortune and friends, making him a threat to any and all titleholders in CLASH Wrestling.

Dates Of Significance:
03/22/08: Dragon Kreed debuts in CLASH Wrestling.
Wins CLASH Championship pinning Cameron Skyy.
Dragon sustains major shoulder injury shelving him for 6 months.
Dragon defeats Skyy in the final encounter of their year long rivalry.
Dragon Kreed & Wreckingball reunite as Wreckingforce.
Wreckingforce are fired by CLASH CEO Truth Martini.
Earns the job of Truth Martini’s accomplice by turning his back on fans & Dave Manzo.
Dragon Kreed officially becomes Dragon Greed.