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Column: “Wrestler Spotlight” w/ R.Drew & Cameron Skyy

March 24, 2009 · Print This Article

CLASH Wrestling’s ringside photographer R. Drew returns with his third “Wrestler Spotlight,” this time with the CLASH Champion, “Ace High” Cameron Skyy. Drew attempts to get into the head of the two time champion heading into his huge championship match vs. Dragon Kreed this weekend. Get a better understanding of the “Ace High” as Cameron Skyy steps into the “Wrestler Spotlight!”

R.DREW: What was sweeter, winning the championship for the first time or the second?
SKYY: Well, the first time always is special. However, the second win is most definitely more cherishable to me considering the wild roller coaster ride of events between Jack Night and I leading to Seize The Day II.

R.DREW: What has been the greatest moment of your career thusfar?
SKYY: January 5, 2008 (Seize The Day). It was my first event with CLASH Wrestling, and my match opened up the show to qualify to get into the main event. Concluded in my first title win. However, just the pre-match jitters before I went out the CLASH Curtain for the first time was memorable to me.

R.DREW: Do you have any superstitions, or things you must do before a match?
SKYY: Before a match, you can find me in the back doing my push-ups, squats, and getting myself mentally prepared to shoot out that curtain.

R.DREW: What drew you to CLASH Wrestling?
SKYY: CLASH harbors some of the best talent here in Michigan. It’s important in life to challenge yourself, hence the reason why I joined this company.

R.DREW: At what point in your life did you know you wanted to be a professional wrestler?

SKYY: In the womb…just kidding. But, seriously, I was doing elbow drops to my mother when she was pregnant with my sister around 4 years of age. Always watched it since then, had many role models, and well my curiosity for the business led me into it.

R.DREW: What did you want to do, before you decided to go into pro wrestling?

SKYY: Well, we all have goals, and even today I’m still pursuing those that are not wrestling-related. I majored in Communications, and minored in Marketing, I always wanted to get into the Marketing aspect of a business which would hopefully lead me to doing something with professional wrestling. However instead of Marketing it, I just became one, ha!

R.DREW: What do you do when your not wrestling, or preparing for a match?

SKYY: I’m in the gym 4-5 days a week for 2-3 hours each day. Spend time with friends, poker parties and livin’ it up!

R.DREW: CLASH turned 1 year old in January, give me one word to describe your feelings, being that you’ve been here since day one?

SKYY: Exhilarating

R.DREW: What type of music you listen to?

SKYY: Mostly Rock and Alternative.

R.DREW: Do you have a favorite food?
SKYY: I eat ALOT of Subway.

R.DREW: What’s your favorite CLASH event thus far?

SKYY: This past January in Mt. Clemens was a hell of a ride. A whole new area, large venue, and tons of people.

R.DREW: Do you have a favorite match?
SKYY: I would say both matches from both respective Seize The Day events were my favorite. Not only due to both title wins, but both matches in general from the Fatal Four Way in ’08, and my bout with Jack Night in ’09 were both great matches.