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Column: “Wrestler Spotlight” w/ R. Drew & The Wreckingball

January 29, 2009 · Print This Article

CLASH Wrestling’s ringside photographer R. Drew returns with his second “Wrestler Spotlight,” this time w/ The Wreckingball. Drew attempts to get into the head of the mammoth competitor and asks a number of tough questions. Get a better understanding of this mountain of a man as Wreckingball steps into the “Wrestler Spotlight!”

R.DREW: Why is the Wreckingball so angry?
WRECKINGBALL: Not enough sleep

R.DREW: What was the reasoning behind your attack on J. Miller?
WRECKINGBALL: He didn’t show me any respect when I asked him to get out of the ring, so then I crushed his head between two steel chairs.

R.DREW: Why couldn’t you and Dragon kreed co-exists as a tag team?
WRECKINGBALL: Dragon kreed was stupid, was jealous, and never listened to me. I’m better off without him anyway.

R.DREW: What was the best moment of your professional wrestling career?
WRECKINGBALL: Winning the “Rated R In Riverview” Tournament in December of last year.

R.DREW: When did you realize that you wanted to become a professional wrestler?
WRECKINGBALL: When I found out that wrestlers could beat people up and not go to jail for it.

R.DREW: Out of all the wrestling promotions, why did you choose to make your home in CLASH Wrestling?
WRECKINGBALL: CLASH has the best competition,and they pay me alot of money.

R.DREW: Who is the biggest influence in your life?
WRECKINGBALL: My dad because he never took crap from anyone.

R.DREW: Who are some of your professional influences?
WRECKINGBALL: The Rock, Vader and Bruiser Brody.

R.DREW Do you have a favorite Vacation spot?
WRECKINGBALL: Cancun, Mexico where they have the best food, the best nightclubs and the hottest ladies.

R.DREW: What are some of your hobbies?
WRECKINGBALL: Going clubbing, beating up people smaller than me, and eating.

R.DREW: Do you have a favorite match of the past year?
WRECKINGBALL: Yes, my favorite match was the Rack N Roll Bar Fight in June, when I destroyed GQ Assassin.

R.DREW: Finally, what are some of your goals for 2009?
WRECKINGBALL: To Win some championship gold, and hurt as many people as I possibly can.