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COLUMN: Striker Takes A Look At What Got Us To 100

July 18, 2011 · Print This Article

Greetings once again fellow space travelers, to another great addition of Pillar to Post. Do you like how I just validate my own column by calling it “great?” I have no real criteria to say it’s great, I just run with it. I guess you can decide for yourself when this journey is over. Before we depart, have you noticed that Facebook, Twitter, and CLASHWRESTLING.COM are going supernova with activity about 100? No? Are you living in a cave? Are you Tyler Elkins? Wake up people, 100 is approaching like a meteor!

I firmly believe this will be the greatest and biggest show in CLASH Wrestling history! I also believe there’s no better way to grow anticipation for the biggest event ever than by looking back at the events that got us to this point. So return your chairs to their upright and locked position, put away your tray tables, and turn off all electronic devises (except for the one you are using to read this) because today we’re looking at the top events in CLASH history as we go Pillar to Post.

#4: 3rd Annual Triple Crown Cup (March 28, 2010)
Like 100, Triple Crown Cup was a night of shock and surprises. It also has the distinction of featuring the first ever womens match in CLASH Wrestling history. The show had some great matches on it and the Triple Crown Cup has been a respected and distinguished honor in CLASH.

Then: Truth Martini belittled Mena Libra’s victory and said that women had no place in CLASH Wrestling.
Now: At 100, Truth Martini will be giving a “State of CLASH” address. What he has to say is anyone’s guess, but I’m sure it will be a major shake-up.

#3: The Future is Unwritten (October 23, 2010)
The Future is Unwritten is a great example of what CLASH wrestling is: entertainment from start to end. There were many great matches, engaging moments like the “rebirth” of William J. O’Malley and even a CLASH Wrestling costume contest that I should have won!

Then: Tommy Treznik defeated Dave Manzo. Despite the loss, the match was a turning point for the “Swagg Starr” and pushed him to new levels of success.
Then: Hakeem Zane picked up a tag win for his team, before being attacked by Ded Vaughn.
Now: At 100, both men are looking for a better night, but only one can walk out victorious as Zane takes on Manzo.

Then: Will Vendetta retired and William J. O’Malley was introduced.
Then: “The Elder Statesman” Gideon Malice came up short against Cameron Skyy.
Now: At 100, O’Malley and Malice (Sons Of Sanity) will be teaming with a mystery partner to take on the CLASH Wrestling Super Squad of the Power Rangers and Marvelocity.

#2: NPCI 2008 Tournament (June 14, 2008)
The 2008 NPCI sent a message about CLASH wrestling. It said, loudly and clearly, that CLASH wrestling will feature the best tag team action in the midwest. Interestingly, this show featured a taste of things to come as it saw Tyler Elkins take on Cameron Skyy in an effort to become CLASH Champion. This event also marked the formation of The H3RD.

Then: Skyy Defeated Elkins to retain the CLASH Championship.
Now: Skyy and Elkins both look to get back into the title picture. Skyy can do so by defeating Shark Boy while Elkins has to go through the Man-Beast Rhyno.

Then: The H3RD was formed.
Now: The current H3RD, Tommy Treznik and Ded Vaughn defend their titles against Too Sweet. Former H3RD members will also be featured, with Austin Manix taking on Jimmy Jacobs and the Painkillers squaring off against “Amazing” N8 and Mena Libra.

#1: Seize The Day I (January 5, 2008)
The event that started it all. How can you look at an event to be the show that will change everything without looking at the show that already did change everything? Seize The Day put CLASH on the map and made it an overnight hit. When fans poured into the Taylor Town Trade Center for Seize the Day I, two things were instantly clear: first, that CLASH Wrestling provided high quality entertainment, solid matches, and a great value, and second that there were fans in Taylor and all over downriver Michigan that had a desire to see some great professional wrestling.

Then: “Ace High” Cameron Skyy defeated Gavin Quinn, Tommy Treznik, and J. Miller to become the first ever CLASH Champion.
Now: Quinn looks to defend that very same title. As CLASH Champion, he’ll take on Petey Williams in a rematch that promises to be a true classic.

Looking back I can’t help but be excited. All the history, all the lessons learned, every moment leads us to one conclusion: 100 cannot be missed. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the history lesson, I’ll see you on August 6th. In the meantime, remember to check back often because you never know when John Striker will take you Pillar to Post!