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Column: Striker Reflects In The Latest “Pillar To Post”

March 10, 2009 · Print This Article

Hello again fans, welcome to ‘Pillar to Post’ the premier column on CLASHWRESTLING.COM.  I’m your humble host, John  Striker.  I’d first and foremost like to apologize to my adoring fans for leaving them to face the cold, harsh Michigan winter alone lately.  Fear not, redemption is at hand, Pillar to Post is back.

Marty Jannetty – really?
How awesome was it to see Marty Jannetty compete in the CLASH 2009 Triple Crown Cup tournament?  I, for one, was ecstatic.  Sure, it didn’t go great for Janetty who ran into 400 lbs of Wreckingball, but I felt a little nostalgic seeing him in a CLASH ring.  Put on your time machine hats for a moment and take a trip back in time with me to 1991.  Here you will find a young, though strangely handsome, boy named John Striker, glued to his parents television set, watching his favorite tag team “The Rockers” as they discuss their recent problems on “The Barber Shop”.

Little John Striker, or LJS as I like to call him, has faith in the Rockers.  He knows they can overcome any problems and become the Tag Team Champions.  They shake hands and LJS smiles, knowing all is right in the world… but then!  Shawn Michaels, the selfish egotist that he is, super kicks his own partner, sending Jannetty to his back.  LJS is shocked, surprised, glued to his television.  He can’t believe what he sees next, Shawn Michaels has thrown Marty Jannetty through a plate glass window!  This is shocking, horrific, and totally enthralling.  This moment sees the transformation of LJS from a semi-casual fan of wrestling to the die-hard enthusiast he is today.  Never before and rarely sense has he been so absorbed, so emotionally invested.

Back to the present.  It’s no wonder why I was so excited to meet Mr. Jannetty.  He is one of the principal reasons I’m where I am today.  If not for Marty Janetty, and his being thrown through the glass, there may be no John Striker in CLASH Wrestling, and I know that’s something that gives everyone nightmares!

I fear we have awoken the sleeping Dragon…
I knew Tommy Tydie was making a mistake getting himself inserted into that triple threat match for the CLASH Title.  I know he’s got an ego, not to mention the drive to be champion, but he’s smarter then that, or so I thought.  If I were Tydie I surely would have waited until Dragon and Skyy had beat themselves up for a while before challenging for that CLASH Title.  Now, I’m both excited and afraid to say, all Tydie has done is awaken the sleeping Dragon – Dragon Kreed, that is.

Tydie took the pin from Champion Ace High while Kreed was on the outside.  I could tell this did not sit well with Dragon.  If Kreed were to take the pin and be beat himself, he’d feel a little differently but as it stands now, I know that Kreed does not believe that he is an inferior athlete or wrestler when compared to Ace High.  Instead, I think this will serve as fuel for the fire.  Dragon handed Ace the title at the Triple Crown Cup, but I believe it will only be a matter of time before he takes it back.

A heart bigger than Wreckingball?
I’ve never heard a CLASH crowd… scratch that.  I’ve never heard any crowd go absolutely through the roof like I heard at the Triple Crown Cup when, against all the odds, J. Miller made his impactful return.  It was a moment like no other in CLASH Wrestling as a sold out crowd came to it’s feet and thunderously roared at the sight of J. Miller coming out carrying Wreckingball’s newly won Triple Crown Cup.  Remember that moment of being completely absorbed and emotionally invested that I mentioned in regards to Marty Janetty?  J. Miller’s return was one of those moments.  These are the moments that you’ll remember, and you can say with a smile on your face “I was there when J. Miller returned” not just because you witnessed it, but because you felt it.  Miller promised to be Wreckingball’s nightmare.  I don’t know exactly what that means, but I can’t wait to find out.

Backstage impressions
One of the perks of working on CLASH Radio (which can be listened to right here on CLASHWRESTLING.COM) is my ability to observe the wrestlers before, during, and after their matches.  Here are a few random observation from before the opening bell at the Triple Crown Cup.

Will Vendetta – The usually light-hearted Vendetta seemed extra focused for the Triple Crown Cup, perhaps a contributing factor to his strong showing?

The Friends – After all their recent drama, it was good to see the Friends being, well, friends again.  They were in pretty jovial moods, joking with yours truly before the show.

Jack Night – Night seemed, frankly, angry.  Someone needs to book this guy some time on Dr. Phil.

Mike Daniels
– Mike was walking around like he owned the place.  Either that or he was the belle of the ball.  You’d think Daniels was CLASH Champion from the way he acts before even stepping into a ring

Tyler Elkins – Tyler was working out in the ring, going over some moves with a sparing partner.  Perhaps a sign that he’s not yet completely comfortable in the CLASH ring?

Dragon Kreed – The look of determination on total focus on Kreed’s face let me to believe that he was walking out of the Triple Crown Cup with the belt.  That man scares me.

Well that’s it folks, another column has gone… Pillar to Post!  Join me next time as I continue to share a taste of the wine that is the knowledge pouring from my overflowing brain.  That sounds kinda gross, but will taste oh so delicious.  In the meantime, be sure to check me out on CLASH Radio as well as CLASH in a Flash and the Best Of CLASH DVD’s!

Until next time,
I’m John Striker