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Column: Striker Offers His Third “Pillar To Post”

January 21, 2009 · Print This Article

Greetings restless fans, the wait is over, you are reading another edition of Pillar to Post.  I, John “The only man to beat Cameron Skyy in a poker game” Striker, will guide you through the inner workings of the phenomenon that is CLASH Wrestling.  Let’s get right down to it, shall we?

John “The Psychic” Striker?
Last column I said that I would reveal my picks for each of the CLASH year end award categories.  I predicted that I had predicted each category correctly.  Was I right?  Let’s take a look.

Event of the Year
Winner: Divided We Fall
My Pick: Seize the Day

Ok, so I admit I’m not starting off too strong.  Truth be told, I picked Seize the Day more for sentimental reasons than anything else.  I figured that the Executive Board would want to honor Seize the Day on it’s anniversary. 

Rookie of the Year
Winner: Will Vendetta
My Pick: Will Vendetta

With the year that Will Vendetta has had, topped by nearly winning the CLASH Championship, there was little doubt that he was rookie of the year.  It was quite the honor for myself, along with my CLASH Radio colleagues, to present Will with the Rookie of the Year Award.  Congratulations.

Next Breakout Star
Winner: Dragon Kreed
My Pick: Dragon Kreed

I am officially back on track as I picked Dragon Kreed to be the next breakout star.  I don’t need to reiterate, but I am overwhelmingly impressed by Dragon Kreed.

Shocking Moment of the Year
Winner: Jack Night Becomes Champion
My Pick: Jack Night Becomes Champion

I’ll admit I was a bit torn on this one.  CLASH is the type of place where shocking moments can, and do, happen at any time.

Match of the Year
Winner: Skyy Vs. Miller Vs. Tydie Vs. GQ Assassin
My Pick: TLC Friends Vs. H3RD

Ok, I got this one wrong, I’m man enough to admit that.  After going back and re-watching the Fatal Four Way Match on ‘The Best of CLASH Wrestling: Volume 1′ I see now that the match was certainly worthy of the ‘Match of the Year’ win.  If you haven’t bought your CLASH DVD’s yet, make sure you buy Volume 1 for this match alone.  You might as well buy them all, as they’re packed with great matches and moments.  Did I mention that you can hear even more insight from me?  Oh, I think I did, but surely that’s reason enough to buy two copies of all three volumes.

Feud of the Year
Winner: Friends Vs. H3RD
My Pick: Friends Vs. H3RD

These two teams battled continuously since the NPCI tournament (and even before) to prove their superiority in the CLASH tag division.  More importantly, every match between these two was a classic.  To say they brought out the best in each other is an understatement.  It’s a shame we won’t be getting anymore matches with these four men, but more on that later.

Tag Team of the Year
Winner: H3RD
My Pick: Friends

Sure, H3RD had a great year, but I stand by my choice of the Friends.  They proved that they are, in fact, the best team in CLASH when they defeated the H3RD at Seize the Day II.  I may have been ‘wrong’ in the result, but I was right in my pick for who is really the best tag team.

Wrestler of the Year
Winner: Cameron Skyy
My Pick: Cameron Skyy

If you picked anyone besides the ‘Ace of Spades’ then you need to check yourself in to your local mental health facility as quickly as possible.  Ace held the title for ten of twelve months, period.  Anyone who thinks Cameron didn’t deserve this award needs to face the simple facts and look at the record.

So I only got 5 out of 8.  Not perfect, I’ll admit, but probably better than whatever you came up with.  I’d like to know who you all predicted would win in each category, so feel free to post it on the CLASH forums.  All in all, the awards ceremony was awesome.  If you missed it, and your chance to party down with yours truly, smack yourself repetitively about the face.

But Wait, There’s More

Last column I went on to make some very bold predictions for 2009.  We are less than a month in to 2009 and it looks like my predictions may well hold true.

I predicted the demise of the H3RD due to the massive egos of the men involved.  It didn’t take long for my prediction to come true.  I also predicted Dragon Kreed as future CLASH Champion.  Jack Night gets his shot at the title Saturday in Mt. Clemens but, judging by what took place last Saturday in Taylor, Dragon Kreed has his eyes on the strap.  If either Night or Skyy win, they may not hold the title for too long.  The way I see it, Kreed put CLASH Wrestling on notice.  He’s coming for the CLASH Championship and he doesn’t care who he has to destroy to get it.  Tyler Elkins defeated Dave Manzo with a roll up last Saturday.  I predicted the ‘T-Train’ would get rolling in 2009.  Sure, his win against Manzo wasn’t spectacular, but a train starts off slow and gains momentum.  The jury is still out on this one.

J. Miller Pancakes
When I brilliantly predicted that H3RD would break up, I didn’t expect that Wreckingball would be involved.  I also certainly didn’t predict that Miller would be squashed and taken out of action.  J. Miller and I have never really been friends but, to bring you, my sometimes deserving fans the latest scoop, I did have a brief phone conversation with Miller just this week.  I know that you people care about his condition, as some of you even asked where to send ‘get well soon’ cards.  I conveyed this to Miller and he wanted to make sure everyone knew he was grateful for the well wishes.  He also wanted me to let everyone know that this will take some time and he just needs to really tend to himself and getting better right now.  He was in quite a bit of pain, and is under constant medical supervision.  I asked about his return to CLASH and was told that it is far too soon to know when or even if he will be able to return.  At this point a nurse came in to draw blood and our conversation ended.  I’d like to officially wish J. Miller well; I hope to see him in CLASH again someday.

Rising to the Top
You and I already know that CLASH features some of the best wrestlers, matches, and the all around best entertainment that Michigan laws allow.  What I am glad to see, however, is CLASH getting their name out there.  Sure, CLASH loves it’s loyal home town crowd at Taylor , but there are still tons of people out there that need to experience all things CLASH.  Yes, there’s Youtube videos.  Yes, there’s DVDs.  Yes, there’s CLASH Radio.  Yes, there’s CLASH Newswire.  Yes, there’s great columns like Pillar to Post.  All of that only goes so far.  You absolutely need to experience CLASH Wrestling to fully appreciate CLASH Wrestling.  On that note, I say farewell.  I hope to see you all at Mt. Clemens and the Gibraltar Trade Center this Saturday.  I hope to see new faces this Saturday at the Gibraltar Trade Center.  I hope you buy the CLASH DVD’s, listen to CLASH Radio, and read Pillar to Post.  I am on radio, DVD, and print. 

John Striker, a feast for the senses. 
See you next time.