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COLUMN: Striker Offers A Different Perspective On NPCI

July 20, 2010 · Print This Article

The 2010 NPCI Tag Team Tournament is now in the books. I’d like to offer my congratulations to the team of Too Sweet who pulled out an upset and won not only the tournament but also CLASH Wrestling contracts!

We all saw exactly what it takes to win the NPCI, but you didn’t see what it takes to organize and arrange such a show. For today’s column, I’m going to take you behind the scenes for a look into what it takes to throw the biggest tournament in the state. Sit back and get ready to expand your mind as you go, pillar to post.

Weeks / Months Before the Show
Knowing the NPCI is coming up, the CLASH executive board has a series of meetings designed to determine who will be invited to the NPCI. Votes are cast, arguments are hashed out and voted on, and a final proposal is submitted to CEO Truth Martini. Truth adds a few ‘must haves’ and the board decides on the best combination of talent to both represent the best of the best in tag team wrestling, and entertain the fans. The venue, this year the Taylor Town Trade Center, is also reserved as the show date is set.

The Days Leading Up to the NPCI
As the NPCI draws closer, things inevitably change. This year saw a members of Beyond Wrestling injured and unable to compete; they were eventually replaced by MDogg20 Matt Cross & Jefferson Saint. There were teams with travel problems, and matches had to be changed. Specifically, this year saw the removal of the Jawbreakers and the addition of Cave-Manix and the lovely ladies team of Mena Libra and Sassy Stephie.

Arrangements were also made to bring in a support crew. This year we had a bolstered sound system, professional photographer, and high quality videographer.

CLASH management was also needed to assist the out of town teams in securing travel and sleeping accommodations.

NPCI, Day 1
Crews arrived at the Taylor Town Trade Center well before noon in preparation of that nights activities. The ring had to be transported, unloaded, and assembled. The entrance way and lighting needed to be set up. The sound system was prepared and tested. A space was set aside for the video camera and for CLASH Radio (which I highly recommend, by the way). Countless batteries were charged (digital cameras, video cameras, microphones, etc.), chairs set up, and banners hung. The merchandise booth was built, and the area was swept and cleaned.

There were still a couple of last minute delays or problems. Jimmy Jacobs had travel problems and was unable to attend. Luckily for CLASH, Petey Williams is both friends with Zach Gowen and lives within a reasonable distance and was willing to step up and fill in for Jacobs.

We also ran live commentary during the NPCI, so assignments of various announce teams were made, disputed, and finalized.

The NPCI has ended but the work continues on. The ring and set had to be disassembled. The sound and video equipment packed away. CLASH radio conducted interviews with Too Sweet and Cameron Skyy about their victories. The chairs were stacked and the ring loaded into a truck to be taken to storage. The last people were left at the Trade Center finalizing the clean up until 1:00 AM. But even then, there was still more to do.

The website had to be updated, tweets needed to be made, and status updates needed to be issued. Footage needs to be reviewed and edited (for example, the part where, during the Cameron Skyy / J. Miller interview on night 1, I called the NPCI the Triple Crown Cup [to my defense, I was just referencing the Young Lion’s Cup and I guess I just couldn’t get ‘cup’ from my mind]).

The audio commentary we recorded needs to be combined with the video and edited down to fit in the allotted time so that it will fit on DVD. Art for the DVD needs to be created.

With all that was going on behind the scenes it’s a wonder that we were able to have a show at all, yet alone one of the greatest wrestling shows in memory.

The good news, CLASH crew and executive board: you get to relax for a few weeks.

The bad news, we have to do it all again on August 14th as CLASH returns to the Livonia Elks Lodge.

Of course, this is great news for CLASH wrestling fans, as it’s another opportunity to see the best wrestlers around!

Thanks for reading, I hope to have enlightened and inspired you. Today I’ve taken you beyond the great wrestling you see in the ring. Today I took you all the way from pillar to post.