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Column: “Pillar To Post” with John Striker

December 25, 2008 · Print This Article

Greeting CLASH fans, John Striker writing to you here as we finish out the year and look ahead to 2009.  Yes, 2008 is ending but as one thing ends, another begins.  2009 offers many new and exciting possibilities.  We’ve got a new president of the United States and, I’m proud to present, a new column right here on CLASHWRESTLING.COM! Yes, that’s right, this is merely the first installment of “Pillar To Post”, i.e. what will become the greatest column and your favorite source of news, insights, opinions, and all the excitement that is CLASH Wrestling.

CEO Jeremy Jones knows that I am a student of the game and has been so impressed with my insights and knowledge that he has contracted me (and is paying quite well) to share some of my views with you, the CLASH fans.  With that goal in mind, let’s look at a few topics that I find of particular interest given the current state of affairs here in CLASH.

How great was it to see “MDogg20″ Matt Cross, back in a CLASH ring?  For those that don’t know, Matt Cross is an international star, actually achieving the greatest fame of his career in Spain.  He’s wrestled in Japan, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Canada and more.  Friday, Jeremy Jones thought he had found the right man to end Cameron Skyy’s quest for the CLASH Championship when he set MDogg20 against Skyy.  I certainly have to give it to Cameron, though, as he showed why he is among the best wrestlers in the world by defeating Matt Cross in the center of the ring.

One has to wonder what Jones has in mind for Cameron next Saturday.  After seeing the fire in his eyes last Friday, I am of the opinion that Skyy can overcome anything or anyone that Jones throws at him.

Mike Daniels refused to wrestle anyone until he gets his shot at “Punisher” Skull Williams.  These two share a hatred that is rare in this world, and I have to believe that it won’t be very long at all before these two meet in a CLASH ring.  With both men coming off injuries, you know there will be plenty of pent up aggression that will add an extra spark to any match they may have.  Jeremy Jones would have to be blind to not see the potential in this match.

Wreckingforce seems to be in troubled waters as the team virtually imploded on Friday.  If you ask me, that’s a good thing for Wreckingforce.  Yes, I take the controversial stance that Wreckingball and Dragon Kreed are better off alone then as a team.  Hear me out before you commit me to the mental institution.  Wreckingball and Kreed have often seemed like a dominant tag team, sure, but they failed to win the Tag Titles.  Wreckingball proved that he can make it as a single wrestler both by winning the single night tournament a few weeks back and by taking “Ace High” Cameron Skyy to the limit for the CLASH Championship.  Dragon Kreed is the most powerful man in CLASH, hands down, but it seems as if he’s been floundering lately, with a lack of mental determination and clarity.  Friday, in his arguing with Wreckingball, I saw the side of Kreed that has the potential to win the CLASH Championship.  If Kreed can get his mind on the right track, I don’t know that anyone can stop him.

You have to feel sorry for the Reftiles, Steff O’Riley and Khameleon, who went from an exhilarating emotional high to a devastating emotional low in less than a month.  But this is where some of the best tag teams in the world call home.  At Seize the Day II, on January 10th, we’ve got, in my very humble opinion, the two best tag teams in CLASH Wrestling and four future CLASH Champions battling it out in what I know will be an absolute stellar match.  These two teams have a history of stealing the show and I think they’ve been saving the best for last.  This match has the potential to make Seize the Day II the best show in CLASH history, single-handedly.  This is a match that is sure to be on “The Best of Clash Wrestling: Volume 4”.  Speaking of “The Best of CLASH Wrestling” Volumes 1-3 are available now, and should definitely be purchased immediately.  In addition to the absolute best wrestling around, you get to experience the commentary styling of yours truly, which is sure to be an experience unto itself.

Alright, that’s the top four things on my mind today.  Feel free to share your opinions and help shape the direction of my column by leaving me feedback in the CLASH forums.  Don’t forget to listen to CLASH Radio and stop by and chat with Brooke, Adam, and myself at the our radio booth at each and every CLASH event