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COLUMN: John Striker Presents His 2010 CLASH Awards!

January 11, 2011 · Print This Article

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to a star studded evening of extraordinary literary proportions. This is a very special addition of Pillar to Post. Of course, every edition of Pillar to Post is very special, but this one somehow rises above. Now if you’re privileged enough to be my friend on Facebook, or smart enough to be a fan of “Clash Pro” then you should’ve seen my poll asking for the fans input on the best of the best of 2010. If not, shame on you, but you can vote anyway if you want your voice to be heard. So, let’s get into it the 2010 John Striker CLASH Wrestling Awards. I will give the top few fan picks as well as the percent of overall votes that person received, followed by my choice and why you fans either got it right or wrong.

Favorite CLASH Employee
This category was designed to give the respect due to those of us who ply our craft outside of the squared circle. I took myself and CLASH Radio off the list, because, above all else I’m a fair and honorable person.

Fans Pick: Merch Girls 45%
B 10%
Martin 10%
Corky Robinson 10%

John Stiker’s Pick: B
The fans clearly wanted the merch girls and, while they are good at what they do, and look and smell much better than B, I have to give my props and respect to the man. He has a lot of information to memorize, an important job in relating information to you, the fans, and at one point even managed to weasel his way in as CEO of CLASH Wrestling. What’s not to love?

Most Overlooked
This goes to the guy or guys who are very good at what they do and might not get the opportunity they deserve to be on top.

Fans Pick: The Pain Killers 33%
Wreckingball 28%
William J O’Malley 10%

John Striker’s Pick: William J. O’Malley
The Pain Killers are very good but with Tommy Treznik and The H3RD they will have plenty of opportunity to make an impact. Wreckingball has also had plenty of moments to shine, including opportunities to win the CLASH Championship. O’Malley hasn’t, and that’s why he wins this award.

Next Big Thing
This goes to the wrestler or wrestlers who we think will have the best 2011. Plain and simple, and a close contest.

Fans Pick: Too Sweet 20%
Wreckingball 18%
Mena Libra 8%

John Striker’s Pick: Too Sweet
The fans were very unsure on this category. They seem to be very optimistic about a lot of people. In fact, 33% of the votes went to someone other than the top 5 vote getters. That being said, I agree with the most popular pick, Too Sweet. They’re the new CLASH Tag Team Champions and they’ve got all the momentum heading into 2011.

Rookie of the Year
While the last award was who you are expecting great things from, the rookie of the year award honors the wrestler or team who broke out in 2010 and is now engrained in the hearts of all the CLASH fans.

Fans Pick: Mena Libra 30%
Too Sweet 18%
Austin Manix 13%
Bump N’ Uglies 13%

John Striker’s Pick: Mena Libra
Mena’s rise has been meteoric, largely due to her year long feud with CLASH CEO Truth Martini. Things are coming to a head at Seize The Day, so make sure you attend!

Best Feud
What two or more wrestlers had the most interesting interactions in 2010?

Fans Pick: Mena Libra & Truth Martini 38%
Cameron Skyy & Tyler Elkins 18%
Gavin Quinn and Rave Killbourn 6%

John Stiker’s Pick: Mena Libra & Truth Martini
The fans got it right again. It’s been a great year for Mena Libra and it’s great to see her rise from camera operator to CLASH competitor. I think everyone relates to her struggle, and that’s made her a “must see” addition to CLASH Wrestling.

Best Tag Team
Very simply, who has been the best tag team of 2010?

Fans Pick: Too Sweet 45%

John Striker’s Pick: Too Sweet
The fans have it right. Too Sweet have been more than red hot since debuting in CLASH Wrestling. They captured the Tag Team Championship and haven’t looked back. They bring so much energy to the fans that there was no contest, Too Sweet swept the category.

Best CLASH Champion
There were quite a few champions in CLASH in 2010. Five, to be exact. This award honors the best of those five.

Fans Pick: “Ace High” Cameron Skyy 28%
J. Miller 15%
Gavin Quinn 15%
Tommy Treznik 8%
Tyler Elkins 8%

John Striker’s Pick: J. Miller
The fans picked Cameron Skyy, but I, John Striker like to look at the facts. Let’s count the successful CLASH Championship defenses of 2010 shall we? Tyler Elkins 0, Cameron Skyy 0, Tommy Treznik 0 (The “Mad Scientist” held the gold for 18 minutes), Gavin Quinn 0 (to his defense Quinn won the title in November), and finally J. Miller 1. So the most highly contested title in all of CLASH was only defended sucessfully ONE TIME in 2010, by the currently injured J. Miller. For this reason alone, the “Murderous Monk” gets my vote for Best CLASH Champion of 2010.

Best in CLASH
The crown jewels of this article, the best wrestling in CLASH Wrestling.

Fans Pick: “Ace High” Cameron Skyy 25%
GQ Gavin Quinn 15%
Tommy Treznik 15%

John Striker’s Pick: GQ Gavin Quinn
The fans again went with Cameron Skyy, a good choice. But it’s not by accident that GQ is CLASH Champion. He is the best in CLASH Wrestling today. He’s looking to prove that he is more than just the best in CLASH Wrestling though, because at Seize The Day 4 on January 29th, GQ will go one on one with multi-time champion X-Pac. Make sure you check out CLASHWRESTLING.COM for information on ordering tickets at a discount because you won’t want to miss this match. As great a wrestler X-Pac is, my money’s on Quinn, that’s why I picked him as Best in CLASH.

Thanks for joining me, you didn’t even have to wear your suits. Be sure to check out Seize the Day, I’ll see you there!
John Striker