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CLASH Newswire For The Week Of Nov. 23rd, 2008

November 23, 2008 · Print This Article

Welcome to the CLASH Wrestling Newswire for the week of November 23rd, 2008. We are just a few days removed from CLASH Wrestling LIVE in TAYLOR, MI on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 22ND when KHAMELEON ran the show, and what an event it was! From JONES being removed from the building to the crowning of NEW CLASH Tag Team Champions; history was made!  We have plenty of newstories to cover this week, but let’s first remind everyone of the Return of Former WWE/WCW/ECW Superstar RAVEN as he comes back to CLASH in TAYLOR, MI on SATURDAY, 11/29!  We welcome all wrestling fans out to the Taylortown Trade Center on 11/29 for CLASH Wrestling: Raven’s Return – to witness the excitement; we promise you will not be disappointed! Tickets for this CLASH Wrestling LIVE event are only $10 (see Pricing Schedule on the Information Tab of CLASHWRESTLING.COM for all event pricing). If you’ve never experienced CLASH Wrestling, this is your chance to experience the excitement LIVE in TAYLOR, MI on 11/29!

– KHAMELEON BOSSES UP – NEW CLASH TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!  On 10/25 at CLASH FROM THE CRYPT, KHAMELEON had won the first ever Mask-erade Match giving him a “wish” from “Genie” JONES, that wish was to run CLASH Wrestling for ONE DAY, JONES granted that wish to take place in TAYLOR, MI on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 22!  It is safe to say that KHAMELEON and his partner STEFF O’RILEY (The Ref-Tiles) capitalized on this opportunity when KHAMELEON requested a Tag Team Title Shot against the H3RD!  With the help of the H3RD’s rivals – The Friends – STEFF & KHAMELEON were able to capture the Tag Team Gold marking a huge landmark in both competitors careers!  The celebration continued as FRIENDS hoisted up the REF-TILES along with the many fans of CLASH Wrestling allowed to enter the ring to participate in this joyous moment!  What does their future behold as other teams such as FRIENDS, The H3RD, and WRECKING-FORCE climb for the gold, we’ll find out more this SATURDAY NIGHT, 11/29!

-THE DARK ERA OF JACK NIGHT CONTINUES: After ending CAMERON SKYY’s 10 month reign as CLASH Champion on 11/8, SKYY requested a rematch this past weekend.  With NIGHT unwilling to give it, KHAMELEON reminded us all of exactly who was in charge and booked the rematch for later that evening accompanied with having JEREMY JONES (CLASH CEO) removed from the building!  Just as SKYY was closing in on victory, calling for his signature “Ace of Spades” Slam, JACK NIGHT once again utilized a kendo stick, striking SKYY in the head.  However, this time the referee was wide awake to witness the carnage thus disqualifying NIGHT!  Unfortunate for SKYY, the championship can only change hands by pinfall or submission, thus NIGHT retains the CLASH Championship!  Later in the evening we witnessed a fight that spewed out of the entrance between NIGHT and SKYY as officials attempted to break the two apart!  SKYY vowed he would be “relentless” in his quest to bring back the gold!  What will happen when these two are in the same building next SATURDAY, 11/29, will SKYY be issued another rematch?  We’ll find out on Saturday! 

 – RAVEN RETURNS – SATURDAY, 11/29 IN TAYLOR, MI:  Since 11/8 at DIVIDED WE FALL after the H3RD attacked RAVEN following his victory over TOMMY TYDIE, RAVEN has contacted CLASH officials for a return THIS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 29TH in TAYLOR, MI!  In addition to his return on our LIVE event, RAVEN will be conducting a SEMINAR for anyone in the business, aspiring to be in the business, or any fan interested in knowing the behind the scenes of this business!  This seminar admission is separate from the LIVE event admission, direct all serious inquiries on attending to CONTACTCLASH@GMAIL.COM and/or MYSPACE.COM/CLASHWRESTLING!

This is one of the rare appearance of RAVEN in the State of Michigan so be sure to check out CLASH Wrestling as we get ready to deliver the fast paced, non-stop, hard-hitting action you’ve come to expect this Saturday Night!

ALL AMERICANINTRODUCING THE “SWAG STARR” DAVE MANZO!  On 11/8 at DIVIDED WE FALL, one ALL AMERICAN shocked us all as DAVE MANZO turned on his friend TYLER ELKINS only to re-join forces with COACH B.  This past weekend before the GREEN RANGER vs. INSANE DELOCO contest could begin, an unknown theme blared through the speakers as a very “swaggerly” dressed DAVE MANZO interrupted with an attack on both athletes!  Following the attack, he took a seat among those attending until COACH B arrived to conduct an award assembly of sorts giving a proper introduction to the “SWAG STARR” DAVE MANZO!  During this ceremony, MANZO continued to run down ELKINS until KHAMELEON & O’RILEY interrupted and booked TYLER ELKINS vs. COACH B, right then!  In under a minute, COACH B tapped to ELKINS as many were entertained to see ELKINS get some sort of retribution from DIVIDED WE FALL.  What will transpire between ELKINS and MANZO as we head into this Saturday’s LIVE event in Taylor, MI?  We’ll find out!

In other news:

– The Best of CLASH Wrestling 2-Disc DVD Set: You’ve asked and we listened! However, the DVD launch has been delayed till FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5TH.  More news on incentives to purchasing when we draw closer!  Just some of the matches featured:

Cameron Skyy & Scotty 2 Hotty vs. H3RD ( J. Miller & Tommy Tydie)
TLC: Friends (GQ & Rave K) vs. H3RD ( J. Miller & Tommy Tydie)
Cameron Skyy vs. J. Miller (Ladder Match for the CLASH Championship)
GQ Assassin vs. The WreckingBall (Rated R Bar Fight)
And Many More – Featuring 4 Hours of CLASH Action and tons of Extras!

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of our Newswire; don’t forget to join us SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 29TH, 7PM Belltime for an exciting event when CLASH comes to TAYLOR, MI! Admission to this event is ONLY $10! Don’t miss out when RAVEN Returns to CLASH Wrestling this Saturday Night, be a part of the CLASH REVOLUTION!! JOIN US SATURDAY, 11/29 and witness CLASH WRESTLING!