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CLASH To The Future Part V: What You Need To Know

March 22, 2013 · Print This Article

Wow, where do we begin?! CLASH Wrestling gets ready to host one of our favorite nostalgic events when we amp this one up with 1.21 gigawatts and take you on a roller coaster ride to the Past, Present, & Future! With a plethora of attractions already signed in addition to special guests and new CLASH merchandise; this installment is already shaping up to be one of our best in the books. Let’s get ya caught up to the speed 88mph, shall we?

J.MILLER (c) VS PETEY WILLIAMS [30 Minute Ironman Match]
CLASH Management has signed perhaps the perfect main event bout taking the theme of “time” into consideration. On March 30th, new CLASH Champion the “Murderous Monk” J. Miller will defend his title against former champion “Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match!

For 30 minutes, the Champion & Challenger will battle. When the buzzer sounds and the match ends at CLASH To The Future: Part V, the competitor who has secured the most victories will be declared the CLASH Champion. What better pairing for the Ironman attraction than J.Miller and Petey Williams? A storied history has brought these two together in one of the most anticipating rematches of the year, and it all takes place LIVE on March 30th!

CLASH Tag Team Champions Gavin Quinn & Dragon Greed will square off against the debuting duo of Zach Gowen & Gregory Iron, collectively known as the Handicapped Handguns! CLASH fans are no strangers to Zach Gowen, as the “One Legged Wonder” has competed on numerous CLASH events over the years. However, his partner Gregory Iron will be making his CLASH Wrestling debut.

The Handicapped Handguns have had much success in their short tenure among various promotions and the two look to make an impact at CLASH TO THE FUTURE: PART V with a huge opportunity to face the reigning Tag Champions. A victory could spell out a Tag Title shot in the future. PLUS, PLUS, PLUS…it’s Zach Gowen’s 31st Birthday on 3/30; join us and celebrate!

There’s only a handful of CLASH Competitors that can be labeled as CLASH Originals. Both Cameron Skyy and Tommy Treznik fall under that category, having been there since our very first event. The two have rarely crossed paths in our history, however for the first time in 3 years, we’ll see SIN CITY vs SCIENCE! It’s a match years in the making – which original will walk out victorious on 3/30?

HONKY TONK MAN VS THE CAVEMAN [Past, Present, or Future Match]
Like CLASH To The Future: Part III & Part IV, Part V will play host to a number of bouts entitled “CLASH From The Past, Present or Future.” In these matches, CLASH competitors drawn at random will step into Doc Emmett B’s Time Machine prior to their match!

“Caveman” Tyler Elkins & Wrestling Legend the Honky Tonk Man will make that trip through the wormhole. Only question is, which one of these men will be forced to time travel before their match on March 30th? Could we be witnessing the iconic Honky Tonk Man traveling to Ancient Rome before the bell? Perhaps a Caveman from the Future? The possibilities are both endless and fun – join us to witness it LIVE on 3/30!

Other notable appearances on 3/30 include “The Hollywood Sensation” Justin Mane, Dave Manzo, “Wreckingball” Randy Casey, Ded Vaughn and the return of “Amazing” N8 Mattson! And who knows what else we might pull out of our sleeves…

The long awaited return to CLASH Wrestling on DVD is over as our Anniversary SEIZE THE DAY VI becomes available to the public at merchandise stands at CLASH TO THE FUTURE: PART V! They won’t be alone, as they’ll be joined by the highly requested new CLASH Wrestling “CLASH ‘EM, SMASH ‘EM” T-Shirts! Yay!!

Be sure to keep them eyes peeled to CLASHWRESTLING.COM for further updates and announcements concerning CLASH TO THE FUTURE: PART V. Also, extra Honky Tonk Man sightings in store for Big League Brews, Warriors Comics, and Ink Addiction Tattoos with details forthcoming!