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CLASH Officials Finalizing Seize The Day XI Matches Following Controversial All Out War

December 9, 2017 · Print This Article

Saturday January 20th 2018, CLASH Wrestling presents Seize The Day XI. This is the Tenth Anniversary show for CLASH Wrestling as it all started with Seize The Day I in January of 2008. Heading into the monumental event, CLASH Wrestling has never had this much controversy, which may sound like a bold statement, but it is fact nonetheless.

All Out War annually crowns the #1 contender who in most cases has used this title shot at Seize the Day. However, this year’s All Out War match remains under investigation. There wasn’t a conclusion… the final two competitors were “GQ” Gavin Quinn and Juntai. After disposing of “Ace High” Cameron Skyy and Maserati Rick we thought the two bookends of CLASH Wrestling were going to continue their 10 year war however instead insisted on a microphone and exiting the ring together. They dubbed themselves “The Lotus” and mentioned a Tag Team Championship match.

CLASH Officials were outraged by this disrespect, but also inspired. In the coming weeks an official announcement will be made on what is in store for Seize The Day, but rumors are swirling that a CLASH Classic will be returning.

The other shocking news coming out of All Out War, shakes up the letters on the marquee. A new CLASH Wrestling Heavyweight Champion was crowned when James Alexander defeated “The Mane Event” Justin Mane and Maserati Rick in a Triple Threat Match. Rick won the Contender’s Cup back in the summer earning him this shot. Mane has been the champion since last year’s Seize The Day. They were set to go one on one when Alexander disrupted the introductions to put his career in CLASH on the line for one final shot. Alexander’s gamble paid off as he able to win the battle and hoist the Championship. This reign will be the 20th in CLASH Wrestling’s Heavyweight Championship history and marks the fourth time the title was won at All Out War. Alexander joins the likes of Tommy Treznik, Justin Mane, and Tommy Dreamer accomplishing this feat.

Alexander will go into Seize The Day as champion however, a challenger is still yet to be determined. Seize The Day is the biggest show of the year and the challengers have had the advantage. Aside from the innaugral championship victory for Cameron Skyy at the first Seize the Day; challengers winning the Championship include Skyy, ELK, Petey Williams, Juntai, Gavin Quinn, and Justin Mane. In the coming weeks an official announcement will be made on what is in store Seize The Day as CLASH officials sort through the controversial All Out War and current rankings.