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CLASH Newswire For The Week Of Sept. 28th, 2008

September 29, 2008 · Print This Article

Welcome to the CLASH Wrestling Newswire for the week of September 28th, 2008. We are just a few days removed from FANDEMONIUM in Taylor, MI, and what an exciting event it was!  First and foremost we would like to thank everyone that made it out this past Saturday to make FANDEMONIUM a success!  For the first time ever in CLASH Wrestling, fans controlled the MATCHES & STIPULATIONS which saw many twists and turns but ultimately concluding with an awesome night of entertainment!

We have a few news stories to cover this week, but let us once again remind our fans about this FRIDAY NIGHT, OCTOBER 3rd – CLASH Wrestling vs. FOXY Boxing in a very special RATED R in RIVERVIEW, MI (18+ Only Edition). The Rack-N-Roll Nightclub will be the place to be this Friday Night for a fun and interesting night of entertainment because for the first time ever, CLASH Wrestling and FOXY Boxing collaborate under one roof in CLASH Wrestling’s only $5 value show (see Pricing Schedule on the Information Tab of CLASHWRESTLING.COM for all event pricing). On Friday, 10/3, CLASH will host yet another action packed, high-flying, in your face event, but this time in a RATED R fashion! If you’ve ever wanted to see what CLASH Wrestling is all about, now is your chance to experience the excitement of CLASH Wrestling LIVE in Riverview, MI!! We welcome all wrestling fans to come check out what CLASH Wrestling has to offer, we promise you will not be disappointed – keep in mind, this one is an 18+ only performance!

– FANDEMONIUM and all of its success is directly derived from the 5000+ votes casted on CLASHWRESTLING.COM by all our fans!  For the first time in CLASH Wrestling, YOU chose how we delivered which captured memories spanning from a “Steel Chain on a Pole Match” between Kreed and Vendetta, a “Body Building Posedown” in the Colt Ryan Challenge to Keith Calhoun, and a stellar Lumberjack match in CLASH fashion between Cameron Skyy and The Wreckingball!  But that wasn’t all that transpired at Fandemonium, the audience witnessed Confetti’s sacrifice as H3RD member Tommy Tydie taught his H3RD Member in Training a lesson in singles competition, a Four Corners Tag Team Elimination Match for the Tag Straps, and debut of WSX / ROH Star “MDOGG 20” Matt Cross taking on H3RD Member J.Miller!

– One man who was not present was the #1 Contender for the CLASH Championship,  “Role Model” Jack Night as he explained on 9/20 that he was sent on a paid vacation in order to rest up for this title shot at CLASH from the Crypt on 10/25.  But don’t think Jack Night didn’t have his eye open on the main event CLASH Championship match as it now looks to be Cameron Skyy defending against Jack Night on 10/25 against possibly his gravest challenge yet!  Keep in mind, Jack Night has an impressive winning streak in CLASH Wrestling not suffering a pinfall defeat since January of 2008.  Will he be too much for Cameron Skyy; we will see this one develop over the next few weeks!

– With the Tag Team Champions GQ / RAVE K. (FRIENDS) on a hot streak of their own after claiming the Tag Titles at All Out War from H3RD on 8/30, contenders for these prestigious straps will be decided in the coming weeks – stay tuned!

– MANZO SPORTING NEW COLORS?  It was quite a shock immediately following his MMA Bout with “T-Train” Tyler Elkins; Elkins extended his hand in respect.  As we all awaited Manzo’s next move, Coach B scorned Manzo against shaking hands, and slapped the “All American” in the face!  Manzo returned with a hard shove to Coach B and shook hands with Elkins.  As the Coach and his athlete returned backstage, it was apparent that Coach B was very apologetic to Manzo vying for his attention to help ensure the duo’s healthy future.  Have they worked out their differences?  Perhaps we will find out in Riverview, MI THIS FRIDAY NIGHT – Stay Tuned!

– QUOTE THE RAVEN NEVERMORE – IN CLASH WRESTLING: That’s right.  The man who’s done it all – Former WWE / WCW / ECW / TNA Superstar RAVEN comes to CLASH Wrestling on 11/8!  His role on this date is not yet determined however, RAVEN will be holding a 2-3 hour seminar on what it takes to be in this business.  This seminar will be prior to the LIVE event in TAYLOR, MI and is open for fans and wrestlers to attend!  Tickets for this seminar is available by contacting CLASH Wrestling at CONTACTCLASH@GMAIL.COM and reserving your spot!  RAVEN has done it all, working in every major promotion, holding a title in every major promotion and will reveal the secrets of the ring to you in this special Seminar!  Contact us for more details!
Quick Match Results from FANDEMONIUM on 9/27:

– TOMMY TYDIE def. CONFETTI via pinfall.

– DRAGON KREED def. WILL VENDETTA in a FANDEMONIUM “Chain On A Pole Match” after Vendetta was non-responsive to being choked out with a chain by Kreed.

– KEITH CALHOUN def. COLT RYAN in a FANDEMONIUM “Body Building Posedown” by crowd applause.

– “MDOGG20” MATT CROSS def. J. MILLER via pinfall.

– FRIENDS (GQ / RAVE K.) def. H3RD (TYDIE / DANIELS), MMPR, & STEFF / KHAMELEON in a Four Corners Elimination Match last eliminating H3RD to retain the CLASH Tag Team Championships.

– TYLER ELKINS def. DAVE MANZO via submission in a FANDEMONIUM “MMA Bout.”

– CAMERON SKYY def. THE WRECKINGBALL in a FANDEMONIUM “Lumberjack Match” to retain the CLASH Championship.

In other news:

– CLASH WRESTLING + FOXY BOXING = RATED R in RIVERVIEW, MI:  This Friday Night, 10/3 – CLASH Wrestling will collaborate with FOXY Boxing in this RATED R (18+ Only Edition) of our LIVE Event!  RATED R in RIVERVIEW tickets are only $5 – that’s right, CLASH Wrestling’s only $5 show comes to you LIVE this Friday Night! 

– CLASH-CASH CARD: Make sure to grab one if you haven’t – they’re free! Attend six (6) shows and receive a stamp each time, on the 6th, that card will be equivalent to $5 in CLASH CASH to be spent at our merchandise booths at LIVE events! Not redeemable for actual cash. Ask a CLASH Representative today!

– CLASH FROM THE CRYPT: The countdown is on till 10/25 in Taylor, MI and already we know Cameron Skyy will defend his title against Jack Night!  This Supershow Event will be $10 – HOWEVER, come dressed in a costume on this Halloween Special and your price will be adjusted to $8!  Keep visiting CLASHWRESTLING.COM for other tour dates leading to 10/25 and for the most up-to-date information!

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of our Newswire; don’t forget to join us FRIDAY NIGHT, OCTOBER 3RD, 10PM Belltime for another exciting RATED R Event – CLASH WRESTLING vs. FOXY BOXYING – RATED R in RIVERVIEW, MI!  Admission to this event is ONLY $5 cover!! Don’t miss out, be a part of the CLASH REVOLUTION!! JOIN US SATURDAY, 9/27 in TAYLOR, MI!!