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CLASH Newswire For The Week Of Sept. 21st, 2008

September 23, 2008 · Print This Article

Welcome to the September 21st edition of the CLASH Wrestling Newswire. We are just a few days removed from an exciting LIVE event this past Saturday, 9/20 in Taylor, MI. What a way to bring in the fall season with some CLASH Wrestling LIVE as we now are in full throttle hosting LIVE events nearly every week to every other week! We would like to remind our fans that in this Fan Frenzy month of September to KEEP VOTING on CLASHWRESTLING.COM for MATCHES & STIPULATIONS for the upcoming FANDEMONIUM “Interactive Supershow” – where YOU’RE IN CONTROL! That’s right, it’s your chance to rebel against the power of Jeremy Jones as on 9/26 the Votes will be tallied, and whichever YOU choose will emanate LIVE in TAYLOR, MI this Saturday Night on 9/27 for FANDEMONIUM! So VOTE NOW and VOTE OFTEN as there is NO LIMITATIONS! All voting is located on CLASHWRESTLING.COM!

We have a few news stories to cover this week, but let us once again remind our fans of our Supershow Event on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th. CLASH Wrestling presents FANDEMONIUM from TAYLOR, MI at the TAYLORTOWN TRADE CENTER on 9/27/2008. On Saturday, 9/27, CLASH will host another action packed, high-flying, in your face event, but this time YOU control how we do it! If you’ve ever wanted to see what CLASH Wrestling is all about, now is your chance to experience the excitement of CLASH Wrestling LIVE in Taylor, MI!! We welcome all wrestling fans to come check out what CLASH Wrestling has to offer, we promise you will not be disappointed!

– Let’s kick things off with the victory of Dave Manzo against “Killer” Kayle in an MMA bout this past Saturday, 9/20! Fans there got to bear witness to the ring surrounded by steel fencing to give the proper atmosphere to the advertised first ever MMA Fight in CLASH Wrestling. In preparation of sorts to the proposed VOTE for FANDEMONIUM as fans will choose for 9/27 how Manzo and True MMA Champion Tyler Elkins will battle it out – MMA Fight, Home Run Derby, or a One Fall Match! Nonetheless, Manzo was able to score a TKO in the last 30 seconds of the first round proving that even he can tough it out in the MMA environment. On the other end, we saw Tyler Elkins stand tall as he defeated H3RD Member Mike Daniels via submission. What do you want to see? VOTE NOW!

– Coming off an impressive win at ALL OUT WAR on 8/30 last eliminating TNA Star SHARK BOY, “Role Model” Jack Night made his presence known this past Saturday as he warned whomever is Champion by October 17 will have to “Face it” as he claimed he would conquer the World Title scene in Rockwood, MI when he receives his shot! Later that night, which was supposed to be a one-on-one encounter between Green Ranger and Steff O’Riley; Jeremy Jones interrupted with Jack Night as the 3rd person in this triple threat elimination match. A decisive win for Jack Night before his “paid vacation from Jeremy Jones” until Oct. 3rd – in order to prepare for his world title shot on 10/17!

– Keith Calhoun voiced his opinions on the polls for FANDEMONIUM this week as he was confident in a victory at FANDEMONIUM on 9/27 as he accepts Colt Ryan’s Challenge of an Arm Wrestling Contest, Body Building Posedown, or an Obstacle Course built around the ring. Just then, Jeremy Jones made his way to the ring with Dragon Kreed as they offered the audience a taste of FANDEMONIUM right now as the fans would select the Special Guest Referee for Dragon Kreed vs. Keith Calhoun. Choices were limited to: Jeff “The Fink” Hackett (CLASH Announcer), Melanie (CLASH Camera Girl), or Jeremy Jones. Given the options, the only one with an exceptionally large number of boos was Jeremy Jones; just then Dragon conveyed that it sounded like Jeremy Jones has won this vote! Ultimately causing Calhoun to suffer a defeat to Kreed in a short period of time!

-SINK OR SWIM: That’s right, it was do or die for 2 new young stars in CLASH Wrestling as newcomer Mythril defeated J.D.K. by pinfall. CLASH welcomes Mytrhil and looks forward to seeing more from this impressive young star!

– Lastly, the match that everyone had been waiting for – the Six Man Tag between the CLASH Champions – Cameron Skyy & Friends (GQ / Rave K.) taking on The Wreckingball & H3RD (Tydie / Miller). With an awesome display of athleticism and back & forth action, the win went to Cameron Skyy & Friends as it took all three men to cover The Wreckingball for the pin! Which now leads us straight to FANDEMONIUM on 9/27 where fans will chose WHO will face the FRIENDS for the Tag Team Championship! Will it be the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Steff O’Riley / Khameleon, or H3RD? How about the Heavyweight Championship picture as it comes down to Street Fight, Lumberjack, or First Blood? YOU are the only one whom can decide their fate – make sure to VOTE NOW and VOTE OFTEN on CLASHWRESTLING.COM!!

Quick Match Results:

-“All American” Dave Manzo def. “Killer” Kayle via TKO in the first round of an MMA bout.

- “T-Train” Tyler Elkins def. “The Futur3″ Mike Daniels via submission.

-“Role Model” Jack Night def. Green Ranger & Steff O’Riley in a Triple Threat Elimination Match.

- Dragon Kreed def. “Kamikaze” Keith Calhoun via pinfall – Jeremy Jones was the Special Guest Referee.

- Mythril def. JDK via pinfall in a SINK or SWIM match.

- Will Vendetta def. J.M. via pinfall.

- Cameron Skyy & Friends (GQ / Rave K.) def. The Wreckingball & H3RD (Tydie / Miller) when all three men pinned The Wreckingball.

In other news:

– FANDEMONIUM (9/27/08): CLASH Wrestling hosts its first every Fully Interactive Supershow event in which YOU’RE IN CONTROL!! Visit CLASHWRESTLING.COM and VOTE for the MATCHS & STIPULATIONS to take place this Saturday Night in Taylor, MI at FANDEMONIUM! Admission is $10 for this Supershow event.

– PRICING SCHEDULE: This will be under the Information Tab of CLASHWRESTLING.COM but as a reminder:
Live Events: Domestic touring; an abundance of the events hosted by CLASH Wrestling will fall in this category. Admission is $8, All ages welcome unless specifically noted otherwise.

Rated R Events: Once a month to every other month, CLASH Wrestling hosts an 18+ only presentation of our LIVE product. These events are held in Riverview, MI and have only a $5 Cover.

Supershows: Monthly events where the stage is set the grandest and all is on the line. These events feature championship title defenses and matches between the hottest feuds and rivalries in our promotion. Admission is $10.

– CLASH-CASH CARD: Make sure to grab one if you haven’t – they’re free! Attend six (6) shows and receive a stamp each time, on the 6th, that card will be equivalent to $5 in CLASH CASH to be spent at our merchandise booths at LIVE events! Not redeemable for actual cash. Ask a CLASH Representative today!

– GET MORE OUT OF YOUR CLASH CASH THIS SATURDAY – CLASH SURVEY: To accompany this FAN Appreciation month with FANDEMONIUM on its way, we here at CLASH Wrestling want to hear your voice! A Fan Survey will be available for all who attend on September 27 – a questionnaire asking questions regarding where CLASH should tour next and more! This is a voluntary survey; however those that do complete it will gain 1 stamp on the CLASH CASH Card!

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of our Newswire; don’t forget to join us SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 for another exciting LIVE event – FANDEMONIUM: “A Fully Interactive Supershow!” YOU have the power to influence ALL the matches and stipulations on this night! So many to choose – head on over to CLASHWRESTLING.COM to check it out and make your selections! Admission to this Supershow is ONLY $10! Also, don’t forget VOTE as often as you’d like to ensure the results you want only on CLASHWRESTLING.COM! Don’t miss out, be a part of the CLASH REVOLUTION!! JOIN US SATURDAY, 9/27 in TAYLOR, MI!!