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CLASH Newswire For The Week Of Sept. 14th, 2008

September 17, 2008 · Print This Article

Welcome to the September 14th edition of the CLASH Wrestling Newswire. It has been more than 2 weeks now since CLASH Wrestling left the battleground at ALL OUT WAR on 8/30 in Taylor, MI. What a blowout event it was to conclude the summer of 2008! Now, with a three week break, CLASH Wrestling is ready to return in full throttle and it starts in TAYLOR, MI this Saturday Night, September 20th at the Taylortown Trade Center with a bell time of 7PM!  CLASH Wrestling has just released a new Hype Video right here at CLASHWRESTLING.COM releasing details about this upcoming event in Taylor, MI.

We have a few news stories to cover this week, but let us once again remind our fans of our live event on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20th. CLASH Wrestling LIVE emanates from TAYLOR, MI at the TAYLORTOWN TRADE CENTER on 9/20/2008. On Saturday, 9/20, CLASH will host another action packed, high-flying, in your face event, as we draw closer to FANDEMONIUM on 9/27! If you’ve ever wanted to see what CLASH Wrestling is all about, now is your chance to experience the excitement of CLASH Wrestling LIVE in Taylor, MI!! We welcome all wrestling fans to come check out what CLASH Wrestling has to offer, we promise you will not be disappointed!

– Coming off their respective victories at ALL OUT WAR, all of the CLASH Champions – Cameron Skyy & Friends (GQ / Rave) will align together to take competitors that are looking for retribution from 8/30, none other than The Wreckingball and the H3RD! What a “CLASH” of epic proportions this one will be in Taylor, MI on 9/20!

– We saw many huge events transpire at ALL OUT WAR in Taylor, MI on 8/30, some of which include New Tag Team Champions crowned, TLC, and a new #1 contender crowned.  “Role Model” Jack Night outlasted the other 19 other competitors in the All Out War match to become the #1 contender for the CLASH Championship!  This title shot will be eligible at the 10/17 event in Rockwood, Michigan against whoever is champion at that time.  Jack Night will speak on his victory This Saturday Night in Taylor, MI, what’s on his mind?  What are his intentions until then?  Find out This Saturday Night in Taylor, MI.

– In preparation for the upcoming Fandemonium event on 9/30, “All American” Dave Manzo has requested a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) bout this Saturday Night in Taylor, MI against an unnamed challenger in case the MMA fight wins majority vote against Tyler Elkins at Fandemonium!  Keep in mind the VOTING POLLS ARE STILL OPEN on CLASHWRESTLING.COM – Be in the driver’s seat as YOU decide the fate of CLASH Wrestling for one night!!

– Lastly, but certainly not least, CLASH Wrestling will host an array of singles competition as “The Futur3″ Mike Daniels will take on the “T-Train” Tyler Elkins!  Additionally, Dragon Kreed will go toe-to-toe with ring veteran Keith Calhoun, and Steff O’Riley will take on the Green Power Ranger.  Also, CLASH C.E.O. Jeremy Jones will release more details about the upcoming Fan Interactive FANDEMONIUM event!  All of this and more as CLASH Wrestling heads into TAYLOR, MI this Saturday Night, September 20th!!

In other news:

– FANDEMONIUM (9/27/08): CLASH Wrestling, at the end of September 2008 will host a Fully Interactive Supershow entitled FANDEMONIUM.  This event puts the fans in the front seat of all the decision making for matches and stipulations! How many times may one person vote?  AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!  We encourage you to vote, and vote often to ensure the matches or stipulations of your choice!  Remember to visit CLASHWRESTLING.COM to vote continuously to ensure the match of your choosing!  Join us on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 for CLASH Wrestling LIVE as more details will be revealed and witness the fallout of All Out War!

– PRICING SCHEDULE: This will be under the Information Tab of CLASHWRESTLING.COM but as a reminder:

Live Events: Domestic touring; an abundance of the events hosted by CLASH Wrestling will fall in this category.  Admission is $8, All ages welcome unless specifically noted otherwise.

Rated R Events: Once a month to every other month, CLASH Wrestling hosts an 18+ only presentation of our LIVE product.  These events are held in Riverview, MI and have only a $5 Cover.

Supershows: Monthly events where the stage is set the grandest and all is on the line. These events feature championship title defenses and matches between the hottest feuds and rivalries in our promotion. Admission is $10.

– The All New CLASH-CASH CARD: CLASH Wrestling is very excited to introduce the ALL NEW CLASH-CASH CARD available at our Merchandise booths on August 30, 2008!  This card is free and will allow fans to receive a stamp for every LIVE event you may attend.  On the SIXTH (6th) show/stamp, the CLASH-CASH CARD will be redeemable for 5 CLASH BUCKS (not redeemable for cash), but may be used as a monetary instrument as cash for purchase of Merchandise and/or Pre-Sale Tickets!!  Stop by our Merchandise booth on August 30 to receive this
special rewards card!

– BE ON ALERT – FOR CLASH WRESTLING THAT IS..  Submit your email address on CLASHWRESTLING.COM and receive email alerts of when the happenings are happening!!  Your email address can be submitted by clicking any of the tabs on CLASHWRESTLING.COM – In the right corner, submit to hear about breaking news and special updates to the site!

– CLASH CASH CARD SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY – CLASH SURVEY:  To accompany this FAN Appreciation month with FANDEMONIUM on its way, we here at CLASH Wrestling want to hear your voice!  A Fan Survey will be available for all who attend on September 27 – a questionnaire asking questions regarding where CLASH should tour next and more!  This is a voluntary survey; however those that do complete it will gain 1 stamp on the CLASH CASH Card!  Stay Tuned!

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of our Newswire; don’t forget to join us SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 for another exciting edition of CLASH Wrestling LIVE with an explosive 6 Man Tag Main Event!! Admission to this show is ONLY $8! Also, don’t forget to begin VOTING opening This SATURDAY on CLASHWRESTLING.COM!  Don’t miss out, be a part of the CLASH REVOLUTION!! JOIN US SATURDAY, 9/20 in TAYLOR, MI!!