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CLASH Newswire For The Week Of Sep. 1st, 2008

September 5, 2008 · Print This Article

Welcome to the September 1st edition of the CLASH Wrestling Newswire. This past weekend, CLASH Wrestling hosted ALL OUT WAR in TAYLOR, MI and what a Supershow it was!   First and foremost we’d like to thank everyone who joined us that evening.  The show itself featured a number of huge events and matches including the crowning of New CLASH Tag Team Champions – GQ Assassin and Rave Killbourn (Friends).  However, that’s not all that went down at ALL OUT WAR, if you missed this huge CLASH event, catch up on things by watching the latest VIDEOWIRE: All Out War Edition.

We have a number of news stories to cover this week, but let us first remind our fans of our live event on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20th. CLASH Wrestling LIVE eminates from TAYLOR, MI at the TAYLORTOWN TRADE CENTER on 9/20/2008. On Saturday, 9/20, CLASH will host another action packed, high-flying, in your face event, as we draw closer to FANDEMONIUM on 9/27! If you’ve ever wanted to see what CLASH Wrestling is all about, now is your chance to experience the excitement of CLASH Wrestling LIVE in Taylor, MI!! We welcome all wrestling fans to come check out what CLASH Wrestling has to offer, we promise you will not be disappointed!

-Saturday night saw and explosive event entitled ALL OUT WAR, and what a battle ground it was!  The show kicked off with some tag team action as H3RD members Mike Daniels & Confetti took on Steff O’Riley & Khameleon.  Great match to kick things off as Steff O’Riley & Khameleon picked up the win! 

– As tension grew with some of the biggest names of CLASH in the back, it was now time for the ALL OUT WAR match to determine a new #1 contender for the CLASH Championship!  Featuring several CLASH stars including TNA Superstar SHARK BOY, this match was bound to be a WAR!  As the end drew near with the final four being Danny Danger, Shark Boy, Jack Night, and Dragon Kreed, it became a boiling point for each of those competitors.  Finally, the match ended when Jack Night dumped Shark Boy over the top to become the NEW #1 Contender!  His Championship shot will be redeemed in October of this year!

– Also, in an extremely controversial finish; the Taylor Audience witnessed Cameron Skyy successfully retain his CLASH Championship against The Wreckingball.  However, during the match, Skyy was on the receiving end of a huge body slam on the concrete floor resulting in a count out victory for The Wreckingball!  With already 3 pins over Skyy, and what looked to be a 4th victory, The Wreckingball and Jeremy Jones was unhappy with the result as the CLASH Championship cannot change hands on a count out or disqualification.  As Jonescorp egged on Skyy to continue, the match was restored, and ultimately Skyy cut the deck and defeated The Wreckingball via pinfall after countering an exposed turnbuckle!  What will happen on 9/20 in TAYLOR, MI between these 2?  Join us LIVE at the Taylortown Trade Center and find out!

– Lastly, the match that everyone had been anxiously waiting for…the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match between Friends (GQ Assassin & Rave Killbourn) vs. H3RD (Tommy Tydie & J. Miller)!  Too many memorable moments to name, however one came early at the start when Rave called to the fans for all of their chairs!  Immediately following, nearly 100 chairs were launched into the ring from those in attendance!  Really a site to see, and can be viewed in the latest Videowire here on CLASHWRESTLING.COM.  In the end, as all four men battered their bodies and took death defying risks, it was a bliss moment as GQ Assassin and Rave Killbourn finally claimed the CLASH Tag Team Championship and stood among an audience that was excited and in awe! 

Quick Match Results:
–   Steff O’Riley & Khameleon def. H3RD (Mike Daniels & Confetti)
–   “Role Model” Jack Night won the ALL OUT WAR Match making him the New #1 Contender for the CLASH Championship.
–   Cameron Skyy def. The Wreckingball to retain the CLASH Championship.
–   GQ Assassin & Rave Killbourn def. H3RD (Tommy Tydie & J. Miller) to become the New CLASH Tag Team Champions.

–  We still have CLASH Wrestling LIVE in TAYLOR, MI on 9/20/08 before the anticipated FANDEMONIUM event, it looks as though we have a few matches already set in stone for 9/27, however others need your help!  That’s right; the unique FANDEMONIUM event will require our fans to vote on CLASHWRESTLING.COM for the matches and stipulations!  YOU are in FULL CONTROL!!

In other news:

-FANDEMONIUM (9/27/08): CLASH Wrestling, at the end of September 2008 will host a Fully Interactive Supershow entitled FANDEMONIUM.  This event puts the fans in the front seat of all the decision making for matches and stipulations!  All voting MUST be done at CLASHWRESTLING.COM.  Polls will open up This Saturday, September 6 at Midnight and will close at 11pm on Friday, September 26.  How many times may one person vote?  AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!  We encourage you to vote, and vote often to ensure the matches or stipulations of your choice!  Remember to visit CLASHWRESTLING.COM during this near 2 week span to continue voting!  Join us on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 for CLASH Wrestling LIVE as more details will be revealed and witness the fallout of All Out War!

– UPDATED PRICING SCHEDULE (effective August 30, 2008): Beginning 8/30, ticket prices for all LIVE shows will be $8.  All Supershows will be $10.  An abundance of our shows entitled CLASH Wrestling LIVE will continue to remain $8.  Supershows are those with a distinct name such as “All Out War”.  These types of shows occur on nearly an every month to every other month basis where top contending feuds CLASH.  However, every RATED R in RIVERVIEW event will continue to remain $5 cover at the Rack-N-Roll Nightclub.

In order to keep up with the challenging economy’s increased fuel prices, venue cost, and the excellent production provided by CLASH Wrestling, this change is necessary for the prosperity of the promotion and enables CLASH to continue to provide that innovative presentation of professional wrestling that you’ve come to expect.

– The All New CLASH-CASH CARD: CLASH Wrestling is very excited to introduce the ALL NEW CLASH-CASH CARD available at our Merchandise booths on August 30, 2008!  This card is free and will allow fans to receive a stamp for every LIVE event you may attend.  On the SIXTH (6th) show/stamp, the CLASH-CASH CARD will be redeemable for 5 CLASH BUCKS (not redeemable for cash), but may be used as a monetary instrument as cash for purchase of Merchandise and/or Pre-Sale Tickets!!  Stop by our Merchandise booth on August 30 to receive this
special rewards card!

– WANT TO BE ALERTED OF UPDATES IN CLASH WRESTLING?  Submit your email address on CLASHWRESTLING.COM and receive email alerts of when the happenings are happening!!  Your email address can be submitted by clicking any of the tabs on CLASHWRESTLING.COM – In the right corner, submit to hear about breaking news and special updates to the site!

– CLASH Fan Survey:  To accompany this FAN Appreciation month with FANDEMONIUM on its way, we here at CLASH Wrestling want to hear your voice!  A Fan Survey will be available for all who attend on September 27 – a questionnaire asking questions regarding where CLASH should tour next and more!  This is a voluntary survey; however those that do complete it will gain 1 stamp on the CLASH CASH Card!  Stay Tuned!

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of our Newswire; don’t forget to join us SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 for another exciting edition of CLASH Wrestling LIVE with an explosive 6 Man Tag Main Event!! Admission to this show is ONLY $8! Also, don’t forget to begin VOTING opening This SATURDAY on CLASHWRESTLING.COM!  Don’t miss out, be a part of the CLASH REVOLUTION!! JOIN US SATURDAY, 9/20 in TAYLOR, MI!!