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CLASH Newswire For The Week Of Nov. 9th, 2008

November 13, 2008 · Print This Article

Welcome to the CLASH Wrestling Newswire for the week of November 9th, 2008. We are just a few days removed from DIVIDED WE FALL this past Saturday, 11/8 and what a memorable event it was! From the crowing of a new CLASH Champion JACK NIGHT to the debut of “Wrestling Legend” RAVEN, DIVIDED WE FALL will certainly be a benchmark for this company’s history! We have many news stories to cover this week, but let us first remind everyone that CLASH Wrestling returns to RIVERVIEW, MI for a special RATED R – RECALL at the RACK-N-ROLL NIGHTCLUB this FRIDAY NIGHT, NOVEMBER 14TH (18+ Only Edition). We welcome all wrestling fans out to the Rack-N-Roll on 11/14 for CLASH Wrestling’s ONLY $5 event to witness the excitement of CLASH in RATED R fashion; we promise you will not be disappointed!

Tickets for this RATED R Live event are only $5 (see Pricing Schedule on the Information Tab of CLASHWRESTLING.COM for all event pricing). That’s right, you’ve heard us correctly, ONLY $5. Mark it in your calendars as on 11/14, CLASH will raise the bar in our only half-priced show, enjoyable by all wrestling fans! If you’ve ever experienced CLASH Wrestling, RATED R – RECALL is your chance to experience the excitement in a RATED R environment LIVE in RIVERVIEW, MI on 11/14!

THERE’S A NEW “ROLE MODEL” IN TOWN: JACK NIGHT BECOMES CLASH CHAMPION! This past weekend, indeed history was made as JACK NIGHT defeated “Ace High” CAMERON SKYY shockingly ending his 10 month reign as CLASH Champion! After the referee was accidentally knocked out following NIGHT countering SKYY’s signature “Ace Of Spades”, NIGHT seized this brief opportunity by executing a low blow, and capping it with a shot to SKYY’s head with a kendo stick. As the referee came to, we saw the 1-2-3 give JACK NIGHT the honor of being the 2nd man to ever hold the CLASH Championship! Knowing this, JACK NIGHT will defend his title only less than 6 days from when he won it against an old adversary RAVE KILLBOURN this FRIDAY NIGHT at RATED R – RECALL!

RAVEN “RULES” TOMMY TYDIE: As the much anticipated debut of RAVEN came to ahead against TOMMY TYDIE, it had appeared TYDIE was intimidated by the “Wrestling Legend” as he remained on the outside. Just then, unexpectedly RAVEN called for a “Raven’s Rules” match – meaning there are NO rules! In an epic match put forth by both individuals, RAVEN was victorious after hitting the Raven Effect DDT. After victory, it was J. MILLER who stormed the ring with a vicious attack on RAVEN, helping his H3RD partner until the FRIENDS (GQ & RAVE K) intervened to the rescue! Since then, RAVEN has contacted CLASH officials and has asked for retribution against the H3RD, more on this story as it develops!

AN ALL-AMERICAN LETDOWN. Going into DIVIDED WE FALL, the odds looked bleak as “All American” DAVE MANZO & TYLER ELKINS took on the team of WRECKINGBALL, DRAGON KREED & COACH B in a handicap tag match. As many witnessed on their last encounter, MANZO had sustained an ankle injury prohibiting him from being much help then and now. As MANZO was rushed to the back in the early going reinjuring the ankle, ELKINS was left on his own. As the outcome took a turn for the worst, to much surprise, MANZO returned to the match but shocked us all as he teased a dive onto his former COACH B, but instead went on the assault on his friend TYLER ELKINS. The match was thrown out as a “no contest” but in the end we seen a United “All American” Manzo with Coach and the Wrecking Force! How will this huge offensive tandem influence the rest of the CLASH roster, we will find out in the coming weeks!

RATED R – RECALL! This FRIDAY NIGHT, CLASH Wrestling goes RATED R in a special RECALL 18+ Only Edition! Recalling what? RECALLING and RELIVING some of the most heated rivalries in our past. CAMERON SKYY will go one on one with former adversary J. MILLER! We can recall their memorable singles bouts accompanied with the first Ladder Match in CLASH in May of this year – this is one match that will be interesting to see. JACK NIGHT defends his newly crowned gold against RAVE KILLBOURN going back remembering the NO DQ matches in Rockwood, Michigan to their Last Man Standing Match in Taylor in May. Can one half of the FRIENDS capture a new title? We’ll find out this FRIDAY NIGHT, 11/14 in RIVERVIEW, MI!
Do keep in mind this live event is a special 18+ Only edition and is CLASH Wrestling’s ONLY half-priced show at ONLY $5! Plus, LIVE DJ, Music & more!
In other news:

– On Saturday, November 14, CLASH makes its way to Riverview, MI for a special “Rated R – Recall” where CLASH will recall and relive some of the greatest rivalries to date in one night in Rated R fashion. Stay tuned to CLASHWRESTLING.COM for more on this event throughout the week!

- The Best of CLASH Wrestling 2-Disc DVD Set: You’ve asked and we listened! On SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 29TH – CLASH Wrestling will release its first ever DVD 2-Disc Set featuring the best matches to date! Mark your calendars as their will be special incentives for purchasing it on its debut date! Just a few of the CLASH Classics that will be featured:
· Cameron Skyy & Scotty 2 Hotty vs. H3RD ( J. Miller & Tommy Tydie)
· TLC: Friends (GQ & Rave K) vs. H3RD ( J. Miller & Tommy Tydie)
· Cameron Skyy vs. J. Miller (Ladder Match for the CLASH Championship)
· GQ Assassin vs. The WreckingBall (Rated R Bar Fight)
· And Many More – Featuring 4 Hours of CLASH Action and tons of Extras!

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of our Newswire; don’t forget to join us FRIDAY NIGHT, NOVEMBER 14TH, 10PM Belltime for an exciting RATED R event when CLASH comes to RIVERVIEW, MI! Admission to this event is ONLY $5! Don’t miss out on CLASH Wrestling’s only half-priced event, be a part of the CLASH REVOLUTION!! JOIN US FRIDAY, 11/14 to REMEMBER, RECALL, and RELIVE the greatest feuds in CLASH’s history!