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CLASH Newswire For The Week Of May 4th, 2008

May 7, 2008 · Print This Article

Welcome to the May 4th edition of the CLASH Wrestling Newswire. This past weekend was certainly a milestone for CLASH Wrestling, and we’d like to thank everyone who shared their Friday and Saturday nights with us in Rockwood and Riverview. We have a number of news stories to cover this week, but let us first remind our fans of this Friday nights special event, FRIDAY NIGHT FURY!! It’s a special day and a special time as CLASH Wrestling comes a day early, THIS FRIDAY NIGHT AT 7:30 PM at the Taylor Town Trade Center in Taylor, MI!! It’s our last stop on the road to Downriver Revolution! Join us this FRIDAY NIGHT for FRIDAY NIGHT FURY!!

On the Tag Team Championship Tournament front, Nicholas Clashertone has begun to scout talent to compete in the prestigious tournament set to take place on June 13th and 14th, 2008. It is rumored that Clashertone has dubbed the tournament, the NPCI (Nicholas P. Clashertone Invitational). On this weekend, 16 teams will compete over two nights and four rounds to crown the first ever CLASH Tag Team Champions. In another announcement, we’ve learned that CLASH fans will not have to wait until the 2008 NPCI to see tag teams from around the world compete in a CLASH ring!! Starting THIS FRIDAY NIGHT, there will be NPCI Qualifying Matches at every CLASH event!! Don’t forget that the CLASH Tag Team Championships will be UNVEILED and ON DISPLAY at FRIDAY NIGHT FURY!!

CLASH Wrestling returns to the Taylor Town Trade Center THIS FRIDAY Night, MAY 9TH AT 7:30 PM FOR FRIDAY NIGHT FURY!! Admission is just $5. Tickets will be sold at the door, but ARRIVE EARLY because they are going fast!! This event will deliver the fast paced, athletic, high impact wrestling that CLASH is quickly becoming know for!! Just check out the card below!

CLASH Wrestling Presents: Friday Night Fury!
May 9th, 2008
Taylor Town Trade Center
7:30 PM. Doors Open At 7 PM.
Tickets Will Be Sold At The Door

CLASH Championship Match
“Ace High” Cameron Skyy (c) vs. Confetti

Tag Team Tournament Qualifying Match:
J. Miller & Tommy Tydie vs. Jason Patrick & Jonathan Hitler

Tag Team Tournament Qualifying Match:
Skull Williams & Mike Daniels vs. Will Vendetta & Lance Winston

Keith Calhoun vs. Khameleon

Tag Team Match:
Steff O’Riley & Crossfire vs. Jonescorp. (JTS & The Wreckingball) w/ Jeremy Jones

Also Scheduled To Appear:
GQ Assassin, Rave Killbourn, Jack Night w/ Castor Strong, Dragon Kreed, and SO MUCH MORE!

Keep checking CLASHWRESTLING.COM for the latest updates to the card!!

Expect a number of ABSOLUTELY HUGE announcements concerning Downriver Revolution to take place at FRIDAY NIGHT FURY. CLASH Wrestling has a number of unsettled rivalries and we’ve heard that they will all be addressed THIS FRIDAY NIGHT! To get the full scoop on Downriver Revolution, you gotta join us on FRIDAY NIGHT!

In what was without question the most brutal and bloody match in CLASH history, GQ Assassin defeated Dave Manzo this past Saturday in our Riverview debut. After the match, Manzo had to be taken to a local medical facility where he recieved a number of stitches to close a large incision across his forehead. Coach B. was also injured on Saturday night, after being driven to the mat head first by GQ Assassin. We are still unclear as to whether or not Manzo and Coach B. will make it to this Friday’s show, but GQ Assassin will be in the house! What’s on GQ’s mind now that he has beaten “The All American?” Join us this FRIDAY NIGHT and find out!

On Saturday night in Riverview after an absolute wild tag team match with Skull Williams and the returning Mike Daniels, the team of Tommy Tydie & J. Miller made it clear that they intend to win the 2008 NPCI and walk out the first ever CLASH Tag Team Champions. The egotistical duo even went so far as to claim they could beat any tag team in the world. Well, as fate would have it Tydie & Miller’s NPCI qualifier is set for THIS FRIDAY NIGHT!! It’s Tydie & Miller vs. the ultra-quick duo of Jason Patrick & Jonathan Hitler. Patrick & Hitler are a tandem from the Great White North who have been scouted for just this occassion. Can the mystery men from Canada defeat the cocky team of Tydie & Miller and qualify? Will Tydie & Miller even make it into the 2008 NPCI? We find out the answers to these questions THIS FRIDAY NIGHT at FRIDAY NIGHT FURY!!

This past weekend saw Mike Daniels return to a CLASH ring and in grand fashion. On Friday night, Daniels attempted to defeat the monstrous Jack Night but was unable to do so. After the bout, Jack tried to cane Daniels before Rave Killbourn made the save. Many CLASH fans may not be aware of the longtime friendship between Daniels & Killbourn. The two men, along with Rave’s one-time manager Lisa, consider themselves a makeshift family and have done so for years now. Thus it was no surprise when Daniels asked for Jack Night in his first match back. Killbourn has asked to address his situation with Jack Night THIS FRIDAY NIGHT at FRIDAY NIGHT FURY and Castor Strong has accepted his challenge!! Rave and Castor will kick start FRIDAY NIGHT FURY with a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT concerning Downriver Revolution!! And While Rave still has his sights set on the “Role Model,” Daniels has a new goal – that is the NPCI and the CLASH Tag Team Championship! This Friday night it will be Mike Daniels & Skull Williams taking on the team of Will Vendetta & Lance Winston and the winners will qualify for the 2008 NPCI!!

In other news:

– After a very impressive showing this weekend in both Rockwood & Riverview, Confetti has attracted the attention of CLASH Champion Cameron Skyy. Skyy, in the last show before Downriver Revolution, wants to fine tune his skills and prepare for May 24th, thus he has asked for a match with the youngster! Not only this, but the CLASH Championship is on the line! Is Skyy looking too far ahead? Can Confetti make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity? It’s Skyy vs. Confetti for the CLASH Championship at FRIDAY NIGHT FURY!

– Both Khameleon and Jeremy Jones scored their first victories inside a CLASH ring this past weekend, making Steff O’Riley the only competitor in all of CLASH never to win a match. In the case of Khameleon, his win came in a wild 5 Way Fray against the likes of Tommy Tydie, Rave Killbourn, Dave Manzo, and Confetti. Congratulations are in order for the masked man from Parts Unknown. Jones defeated the aforementioned Steff in their “By The Books” Match when the referee caught Steff using an illegal closed fist. After their bout, Jones and The Wreckingball double teamed Steff and looked to end his career. Luckily, one man decided to be the unlikely hero – Crossfire. For the first time in his greedy life, Crossfire has decided to care for someone other than himself and has found a friend in Steff O’Riley. With that being said, THIS FRIDAY night will pit Jonescorp. (The Wreckingball & Joseph T. Storm) against Steff O’Riley & his new ally Crossfire!! 

– CLASH Wrestling would like to thank everyone who donated to our Relay For Life fundraiser on Friday night in Rockwood. We will continue to accept donations at every CLASH show leading to our May 30th “Fight Against Cancer” charity event, where all ticket sales will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

– Don’t forget to tune into CLASH Wrestling on Comcast, this and every Wednesday night at 10:30 PM (the replay airs at 1:30 AM) on Comcast Cable Downriver. If you live Downriver, CLASH Wrestling airs on channel 20!! This week’s episode features the conclusion to the Seize The Day Main Event, when Cameron Skyy became the FIRST EVER CLASH Champion!! It’s the most action packed 30 minutes you can watch on a Wednesday night!!

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of our Newswire, don’t forget to join us THIS FRIDAY NIGHT for FRIDAY NIGHT FURY!! Tickets are only $5 bucks and will be sold at the door!! It’s our last stop before DOWNRIVER REVOLUTION!! Don’t miss out, be a part of the CLASH action!! JOIN US THIS FRIDAY NIGHT for FRIDAY NIGHT FURY!!