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CLASH Newswire For The Week Of Jan. 25th, 2009

January 28, 2009 · Print This Article

Welcome to the CLASH Wrestling Newswire for the week of January 25th!  The date is 1/27 and we are a few days removed from THIS IS CLASH WRESTLING – the re-introduction of our product to the new terrain of MT. CLEMENS, MICHIGAN.  If you missed it, you should’ve been there!  As nearly 200 packed the Gibraltar Trade Center to experience CLASH WRESTLING and all the excitement surrounding the return of Former WWE Superstar SCOTTY 2 HOTTY, the Tag Team Ladder Match, the CLASH Championship defense and the other great bouts bestowed on this date, CLASH was welcomed to hot reception from the lively crowd!  Special THANKS to all who made it out, as CLASH officials are meeting with the Gibraltar Trade Center this week to setup the next CLASH Extravaganza down the road!  Many newstories to cover, but let’s issue a reminder…

CLASH WRESTLING returns to its home base in TAYLOR, MI at the TAYLORTOWN TRADE CENTER on SATURDAY NIGHT, FEBRUARY 7 live for an exciting SuperShow – THE GREAT AGGRESSION!  Matches are being signed, such as two of the biggest goliaths in CLASH will lock horns as DRAGON KREED take on JACK NIGHT for the #1 Contendership to face CAMERON SKYY for the gold!  In addition, we’ll see yet another excellent encounter between the FRIENDS and NEW CLASH Tag Champs & Former H3RD – PROMINENCE (TYDIE & DANIELS), this and more, lets cover the latest…

Tickets for this CLASH Wrestling Supershow event are only $10 for General Admission Seating.  If you’ve never experienced CLASH Wrestling, then REVOLUTIONIZE your PRO WRESTLING EXPERIENCE in Michigan on SATURDAY, 2/7 in TAYLOR, MICHIGAN for…THE GREAT AGGRESSION!






- WRECKINGBALL REIGNS TERROR ON CLASH ROSTER As the WRECKINGBALL defeated WILL VENDETTA this past Saturday in Mt. Clemens, he did not stop there.  Concluding SKYY’s victory over NIGHT, we saw a vicious attack by a frustrated NIGHT after his loss.  With the WRECKINGBALL making his way out, his aspirations of potentially sidelining SKYY was cut-off with the rescue of SCOTTY 2 HOTTY with a chair in hand!  This amounted to an interference in SCOTTY’s match later that night forming a six man tag (found in results on CLASHWRESTLING.COM).

Now, we here at CLASHWRESTLING.COM have learned that the WRECKINGBALL will indeed square off against WILL VENDETTA for round 3 as VENDETTA has a score to settle!  Is VENDETTA getting in over his head considering WRECKINGBALL has already sidelined MILLER?

- NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS TESTED ON 2/7   What was a non-celebratory night for GQ ASSASSIN this past Saturday with partner RAVE K temporarily held off the event due to not being medically cleared, this spelled a defeat for the FRIENDS as the PROMINENCE (TYDIE & DANIELS) formerly known as H3RD became the NEW CLASH Tag Team Champions when TYDIE ascended the ladder and grabbed the Tag Gold!  SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7 we’ll see if PROMINENCE is up to the test as the FRIENDS will be at full strength with GQ & RAVE KILLBOURN – Can they become 3 Time Tag Team Champions, we’ll find out in this grueling bout at THE GREAT AGGRESSION!


These two titans will CLASH at THE GREAT AGGRESSION on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7 in TAYLOR, MI!  One must think CAMERON SKYY will have his eyes on this one considering the many bouts had with NIGHT, and the recent betrayal in Tag Action on 1/17 at live event in Taylor by KREED.  SKYY seems to be a marked man with the strap, and we’ll find out who his next challenge will be – – the fire breathing monstrous DRAGON or the devious “ROLE MODEL” – – once again, this is another HUGE match-up scheduled for THE GREAT AGGRESSION!


The final battle!  DAVE MANZO vs. TYLER ELKINS in their on-going saga since August 2008 will square off one last time!  However, this one won’t be contained by standard one-fall rules.  CLASH CEO JEREMY JONES has declared a stipulation for this one which CLASHWRESTLING.COM will get the latest in next week’s newswire!


Don’t count out the CLASH Champion, “ACE HIGH” CAMERON SKYY as he, KEITH CALHOUN, KHAMELEON, & the POWER RANGERS will be in the house for this solid night of entertainment and stay here at CLASHWRESTLING.COM for the latest on new matches being signed to THE GREAT AGGRESSION!

Saturday, 2/9/08, CLASH Wrestling hosted the first GREAT AGGRESSION  Did you know…

1.  CLASH Wrestling, then only in its 2nd month of existence packed the Taylortown Trade Center with 275 screaming fans in what was one CLASH Wrestling’s biggest attendance records.

2. Just as “SWAGG STARR” DAVE MANZO has a grave challenge at this year’s GREAT AGGRESSION against TYLER ELKINS, then “All American” Dave Manzo came very close to becoming CLASH Champion as he took on CAMERON SKYY in the main event!

3. Saturday, 2/7/09 – WILL VENDETTA will be in a fight to survive THE WRECKINGBALL, however on 2/9/08 VENDETTA was in another fight, this one a STREET FIGHT against foe TOMMY TYDIE.  This bout was taken to the outside of the trade center amongst the snowy conditions and was one of the most memorable matches from this show and in CLASH History.

4. J. MILLER took on GQ ASSASSIN in a memorable bout, this one for the #1 Contendership for the CLASH Championship.  MILLER came out victorious and went on to have one of CLASH Wrestling’s memorable feuds against CAMERON SKYY that concluded in May of that year in a LADDER MATCH (available in its entirety on BEST OF CLASH DVD).


CLASH Wrestling kicks off February with this huge memorable SuperShow in TAYLOR, MICHIGAN on SATURDAY, 2/7 at the TAYLORTOWN TRADE CENTER!  As matches are beginning to be announced here on CLASHWRESTLING.COM, be sure to stay tuned in on the latest updates!


Do we have to remind you?  Watch memorable bouts such as J. MILLER vs. “MDOGG20″ MATT CROSS, the epic TLC between FRIENDS & H3RD, how about Match of the Year Winner – SEIZE THE DAY Fatal Four Way, and many more with the familiar faces of CLASH & SCOTTY 2 HOTTY, SHARKBOY, etc!  If thats not enticing enough, how about buying all THREE for only $25!  Own a part of CLASH History, visit our MERCHANDISE section today and RELIVE some of CLASH Wrestling’s greatest bouts!

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of our Newswire; don’t forget to join us SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 7PM Belltime for the CLASH WRESTLING EXPERIENCE at an event with already a ton of history to it which is sure not to disappoint!  Admission to this event is ONLY $10 for General Admission! Join us Saturday Night, 2/7 and we’ll update you in next week’s newswire in all the happenings in CLASH Wrestling!