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CLASH Newswire For The Week Of Dec. 28th, 2008

December 30, 2008 · Print This Article

Welcome to the CLASH Wrestling Newswire for the week of December 28th, 2008. We are just a few days removed from what was the final CLASH Wrestling LIVE event of 2008 and what an event it was! Year 2008 certainly ended with a bang as SKYY passed the final test, SEIZE THE DAY II Matches were decided, and a wild conclusion involving 10 men left CLASH fans on the end of their seats! We have many newstories to cover this week, but let us remind you of what’s to come!  In less than 2 weeks, CLASH Wrestling brings you the biggest event of 2009 as we cordially invite you to join us for where it all began 1 Year Ago – SEIZE THE DAY II – on SATURDAY, JANUARY 10, 2009!

Tickets for this CLASH Wrestling 1 Year Anniversary SUPERSHOW event are only $10 (see Pricing Schedule on the Information Tab of CLASHWRESTLING.COM for all event pricing). If you’ve never experienced CLASH Wrestling, this is your chance to experience the excitement LIVE in TAYLOR, MI on 1/10/09! Join the CLASH Revolution and SEIZE THE DAY to kick off 2009!

– IS THE “FORCE” WEAK IN THE WRECKING-FORCE? What was suppose to kick off with the contract signing for the 30 minute Ironman Match between H3RD and the FRIENDS for the Tag Team Championship was interrupted by DRAGON KREED and the WRECKINGBALL venting their frustration toward one another!  As each man blamed one another for their faults, WRECKINGBALL challenged KREED to a match at SEIZE THE DAY II.  CLASH CEO JEREMY JONES halted the bickering with the announcement of the two working in a triple threat match against CAMERON SKYY for the #1 Contendership!

After a failed attempt of working together giving SKYY the victory over KREED with a small package, KREED got on the mic and accepted the challenge!  In what will be in essence “the BIGGEST match” in CLASH History, these two titans – DRAGON KREED and WRECKINGBALL – will CLASH at SEIZE THE DAY II in TAYLOR, MI on 1/10/09!

– CAMERON SKYY vs. JACK NIGHT (CLASH CHAMPIONSHIP) In the epic rematch for the CLASH Championship, since being defeated by JACK NIGHT on 11/8, CAMERON SKYY will take on JACK NIGHT for the most coveted title in this business – the CLASH Championship!  As many feel the rematch has been long overdue, SKYY has weaved in and out and “aced” the tests JONES has layed out for him to earn the rematch!  So it all comes to a head on 1/10 – who will snatch the opportunity?  Can SKYY SEIZE THE DAY for his second year in a row, or will “Carpe Diem” have a new meaning for the “ROLE MODEL” JACK NIGHT?  Join us at SEIZE THE DAY II for the result!

– 30 GRUELING MINUTES – IRONMAN MATCH TO DETERMINE TAG CHAMPIONSHIP!   It is set in stone. In one of the greatest rivalries in CLASH Wrestling stemming since May 2008, the H3RD (TOMMY TYDIE & J. MILLER) and the FRIENDS (GQ ASSASSIN & RAVE KILLBOURN) will do battle once more for one illustrious half-hour to determine the TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP and who really is the dominant tag team in CLASH Wrestling!

Two teams, bound by hatred and the CLASH Gold will come to a head in the final battle as the challengers, the FRIENDS take on the champions, H3RD (c) at SEIZE THE DAY II!  Only one team will have their hands raised, and their quest realized while the other team will be expended, and breathe loneliness with the absence of the CLASH Tag Team Championship.  Who will walk out after the 30 Minute Ironman Match as Champions, who will SEIZE THE DAY?  Find out on 1/10/09!

– SWAGGER MEETS THE T-TRAIN!  The hatred that has long stemmed since August 2008 between “SWAGG STARR” DAVE MANZO and “T-TRAIN” TYLER ELKINS will culminate in less than 2 weeks at SEIZE THE DAY II!  We’ve seen these two battle it out in an MMA bout in September, a seemingly mended friendship betrayal in November, and with this past week’s “Special Referee” scenario has really heated things up between these two athletes.  In one of the biggest grudge matches on the card, it will be a straight wrestling match – one on one – DAVE MANZO vs. TYLER ELKINS.  Who will have their hand raised?

– VENDETTA ACCEPTS CALHOUN’S CHALLENGE FOR SEIZE THE DAY II! With KEITH CALHOUN’s recent frustration leading to many in attendance forming a strong dislike for the veteran, WILL VENDETTA has seemingly been on the receiving end of his venting in a physical manner.  With the challenge accepted, WILL VENDETTA and KEITH CALHOUN look to now vent their frustration against one another at the biggest event of the year – SEIZE THE DAY II!– DANNY DANGER & JOSH THOR RETURN AT SEIZE THE DAY II! Don’t miss this night of in-ring returns as the fan favorite DANNY DANGER & JOSH THOR return to square off against the REF-TILES (STEFF O’RILEY & KHAMELEON)!  Both teams plan to make their mark in history in a good way and what other event to do it at then SEIZE THE DAY II!  Stay with CLASHWRESTLING.COM for ground breaking announcements on the upcoming 1 Year Anniversary Event and what everyone is raving about in TAYLOR, MI on 1/10/09!

– 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY AWARD CEREMONY, JANUARY 9, 2008! For those interested, the eve of SEIZE THE DAY II, CLASH WRESTLING will host the 1 Year Anniversary Award Ceremony in RIVERVIEW, MI!  This five hour black tie event will honor the MATCH, TAG TEAM, WRESTLER of the year and more accompanied with a live DJ, dancing, etc.  Please visit CLASHWRESTLING.COM for the details on our front page and email us at CONTACTCLASH@GMAIL.COM or shoot a message to MYSPACE.COM/CLASHWRESTLING if you intend on attending!  Admission for this ceremony is $15 for the first 75.  This will include all costs and an open bar.

– SEIZE THE DAY II – CLASH WRESTLING’S 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EVENT: On JANUARY 10, 2009, CLASH Wrestling presents the biggest event of the year and its 1 Year Anniversary – SEIZE THE DAY II in TAYLOR, MI! Make sure to visit the all-new mini site for SEIZE THE DAY II keeping you updated on the latest happening for the line-up at:

Matches are already being announced, additionally will mark the return of DANNY DANGER, JOSH THOR, & MIKE DANIELS! Join us SATURDAY NIGHT, 1/10/09 the road to SEIZE THE DAY II culminates! Keep visiting CLASHWRESTLING.COM for the latest!

In other news:


On FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19, CLASH Wrestling released “Best of CLASH Wrestling” Volumes 1-3. Here are the full list of matches:


– Cameron Skyy vs. GQ Assassin vs. J. Miller vs. Tommy Tydie (Seize The Day; 1/08)

Gauntlet Match Featuring: Keith Calhoun, Skull Williams, Confetti, Dragon Kreed, Khameleon, Crossfire, & The WreckingBall (Age of Allegiance; 04/08)

– Tommy Tydie & J. Miller vs. Mike Daniels & Skull Williams (Riverview; 05/08)

Parking Lot Brawl: Will Vendetta vs. Tommy Tydie (Downriver Revolution; 05/08)

Ladder Match: J. Miller vs. Cameron Skyy (Downriver Revolution; 05/08)


Street Fight: Will Vendetta vs. Tommy Tydie (The Great Aggression; 02/08)

– Jack Night vs. Rave Killbourn (The Great Aggression; 02/08)

– Cameron Skyy vs. J. Miller vs. Tommy Tydie (Triple Crown Cup; 03/08)

– GQ Assassin vs. Dave Manzo (Rockwood, MI; 04/08)

Bar Fight: The WreckingBall vs. GQ Assassin (Riverview, MI)

– Cameron Skyy & Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Tommy Tydie & J. Miller (NPCI; 06/08)


– Will Vendetta vs. Jack Night vs. Dave Manzo (Live Event; 06/08)

All Out War Match Featuring: Shark Boy, Dragon Kreed, Colt Ryan, Dave Manzo, Tyler Elkins, Danny Danger, Jack Night & more! (All Out War; 08/08)

– Sharkboy Confronts CLASH CEO Jeremy Jones! (Segment)

Tables, Ladders, & Chairs: Friends (GQ/Rave) vs. H3RD (Tydie/Miller)

– Friends & Cameron Skyy vs. H3RD & WreckingBall (Live Event; 09/08)

– J. Miller vs. “MDogg20” Matt Cross (Fandemonium;, 09/08)

Each DVD will be sold at the CLASH Merchandise booth for $10 or buy 2 and get the third half-off (3 for $25)!

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of our Newswire; don’t forget to join us SATURDAY, JANUARY 10TH, 7PM Belltime for the biggest event of the year to kick off 2009 when CLASH comes to TAYLOR, MI for SEIZE THE DAY II! Admission to this event is ONLY $10! Join us Saturday Night, 1/10 and be a part of the CLASH REVOLUTION!!