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CLASH Newswire For The Week Of Dec. 14th, 2008

December 17, 2008 · Print This Article

Welcome to the CLASH Wrestling Newswire for the week of December 14th, 2008. We are just a few days away from FRIDAY NIGHT FURY (X-Mas Edition) in TAYLOR, MI this FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19TH!  Belltime is at 8PM and doors will open at 7:30pm at the TAYLORTOWN TRADE CENTER!  Continue to visit CLASHWRESTLING.COM for more information regarding announced matches for this Friday’s Card!

Tickets for this CLASH Wrestling LIVE event are only $8 (see Pricing Schedule on the Information Tab of CLASHWRESTLING.COM for all event pricing). If you’ve never experienced CLASH Wrestling, this is your chance to experience the excitement LIVE in TAYLOR, MI on 12/19!

– TAG TEAM TURMOIL  This FRIDAY NIGHT in TAYLOR, MI, we will witness one of the biggest Tag Team Title matches in CLASH History as FOUR teams – FRIENDS, REF-TILES (c), H3RD, and THE WRECKING-FORCE will collide in a Fatal Four Way, first pinfall to finish!  We know tension exists between THE WRECKINGBALL & DRAGON KREED for KREED’s no-show in Riverview, Michigan on 12/6, can they co-exist to capture gold?  Also, amongst this we have the bitter hatred between FRIENDS (GQ / RAVE K) and the H3RD (Miller / Tydie) who’s countless battles over the better part of 2008 has defined the Tag Team division here in CLASH Wrestling, will be hotter than ever as all these multi-personalities all grasp for one thing – – the CLASH Tag Team Championship held by THE REF-TILES (STEFF / KHAMELEON)!  What team will walk out victorious?  Join us THIS FRIDAY NIGHT in TAYLOR, MI!

– CAN SKYY PASS THE TEST?  ACE HIGH BATTLES MDOGG!  CLASH CEO Jeremy Jones has declared that “Ace High” CAMERON SKYY must pass a series of “tests” if he wants to earn a #1 contendership for JACK NIGHT’s CLASH Championship.  The test kicks off with CAMERON SKYY vs. “MDogg20” MATT CROSS this FRIDAY NIGHT as the Former WSX/ROH Star makes his CLASH Return!  Will SKYY obtain his title shot?  We’ll find out on 12/19 in this epic bout between SKYY and CROSS!

– “THE FUTUR3” HAS ARRIVED – SWAGGER RETURNS!  Definitely a night of in-ring returns here at CLASH Wrestling on FRIDAY NIGHT FURY as “The Futur3” MIKE DANIELS returns to the H3RD at full strength and will be in action against “T-Train” TYLER ELKINS!  Sustaining a wrist injury nearly two months ago, what is DANIELS’ intentions?

Also, tune in for the “Swagg Starr” DAVE MANZO as he returns to action since his last match on 11/8!  His opponent however has yet to be revealed, continue to tune in to CLASHWRESTLING.COM for more details when they arrive!  Keep in mind TYLER ELKINS is in the house, we know the bitterness that rests between these two after MANZO be-friended ELKINS at DIVIDED WE FALL last month.

– VENDETTA CHALLENGES JACK NIGHT – CLASH CHAMPIONSHIP?  Here at CLASHWRESTLING.COM, we’ve learned that WILL VENDETTA has challenged “Role Model” JACK NIGHT for his CLASH Championship this FRIDAY NIGHT!  In this unexpected move, one should wonder if it will indeed be for the CLASH Championship if NIGHT accepts the challenge.  According to the CLASH CONSTITUTION found here on CLASHWRESTLING.COM:

It identifies:

“Wrestlers will be awarded title shots based on their roster ranking. The highest ranked CLASH wrestler (aka #1 Contender) is able to request this title shot at any time, so long as he retains his ranking. The champion is also able to request a title defense at any time, against any opponent of his choosing.”

So the question remains, will VENDETTA receive what he’s asking for?  If given a title shot, will he be at full concentration given his on-going heat with recently troubled KEITH CALHOUN?  We’ll find out THIS FRIDAY NIGHT!


·        Reftiles (c) vs. Friends vs. Wreckingforce vs. H3RD (Tag Team Championship)

·        Will Vendetta challenges Jack Night

·        “Ace High” Cameron Skyy vs. “MDogg20” Matt Cross

·        “The Futur3” Mike Daniels vs. “T-Train” Tyler Elkins

·        “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo Makes His In-Ring Return!

·        Keith Calhoun answers why he deserted Will Vendetta!

– SEIZE THE DAY II – CLASH WRESTLING’S 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EVENT:  On JANUARY 10, 2009, CLASH Wrestling presents the biggest event of the year and its 1 Year Anniversary – SEIZE THE DAY II in TAYLOR, MI!  Make sure to visit the all-new mini site for SEIZE THE DAY II keeping you updated on the latest happening for the line-up at:

Matches are already being announced, additionally will mark the return of “PUNISHER” SKULL WILLIAMS!  Join us THIS FRIDAY NIGHT FURY, on 12/19 as we begin to learn more on our road to SEIZE THE DAY II!  Keep updated to CLASHWRESTLING.COM for the latest!

In other news:


On FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19, CLASH Wrestling releases “Best of CLASH Wrestling” Volumes 1-3.  Here are the full list of matches:


–         Cameron Skyy vs. GQ Assassin vs. J. Miller vs. Tommy Tydie (Seize The Day; 1/08)

–         Gauntlet Match Featuring: Keith Calhoun, Skull Williams, Confetti, Dragon Kreed, Khameleon, Crossfire, & The WreckingBall (Age of Allegiance; 04/08)

–         Tommy Tydie & J. Miller vs. Mike Daniels & Skull Williams (Riverview; 05/08)

–         Parking Lot Brawl: Will Vendetta vs. Tommy Tydie (Downriver Revolution; 05/08)

–         Ladder Match: J. Miller vs. Cameron Skyy (Downriver Revolution; 05/08)


–         Street Fight: Will Vendetta vs. Tommy Tydie (The Great Aggression; 02/08)

–         Jack Night vs. Rave Killbourn (The Great Aggression; 02/08)

–         Cameron Skyy vs. J. Miller vs. Tommy Tydie (Triple Crown Cup; 03/08)

–         GQ Assassin vs. Dave Manzo (Rockwood, MI; 04/08)

–         Bar Fight: The WreckingBall vs. GQ Assassin (Riverview, MI)

–         Cameron Skyy & Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Tommy Tydie & J. Miller (NPCI; 06/08)


–         Will Vendetta vs. Jack Night vs. Dave Manzo (Live Event; 06/08)

–         All Out War Match Featuring: Shark Boy, Dragon Kreed, Colt Ryan, Dave Manzo, Tyler Elkins, Danny Danger, Jack Night & more! (All Out War; 08/08)

–         Sharkboy Confronts CLASH CEO Jeremy Jones! (Segment)

–         Tables, Ladders, & Chairs: Friends (GQ/Rave) vs. H3RD (Tydie/Miller)

–         Friends & Cameron Skyy vs. H3RD & WreckingBall (Live Event; 09/08)

–         J. Miller vs. “MDogg20” Matt Cross (Fandemonium;, 09/08)

Each DVD will be sold at the CLASH Merchandise booth for $10 or buy 2 and get the third half-off (3 for $25)!  Join us FRIDAY, 12/19 on this special Christmas Edition of FRIDAY NIGHT FURY!

– ARRIVE EARLY – CHRISTMAS PICTURES: As doors open at 7:30PM, fans will be given the opportunity to step foot in the CLASH ring with some of their favorite CLASH Competitors for picture-taking.  Among those in the ring will be CAMERON SKYY, MATT CROSS, FRIENDS (GQ & RAVE), WILL VENDETTA & more!

– TIS THE SEASON – CLASH CLEARANCE: In light of the holiday season, CLASH will be slashing prices on the CLASH Portraits along with other items at the CLASH Merchandise booth!  Also, remember to pick up Volumes 1-3 of the BEST OF CLASH WRESTLING on DVD available this FRIDAY NIGHT for $10/pc. OR 3 for $25!

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of our Newswire; don’t forget to join us FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19TH, 8PM Belltime for an exciting event when CLASH comes to TAYLOR, MI! Admission to this event is ONLY $8! Join us Friday Night, 12/19 and be a part of the CLASH REVOLUTION!!