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CLASH Newswire For The Week Of Aug. 17th, 2008

August 18, 2008 · Print This Article

Welcome to the August 17th edition of the CLASH Wrestling Newswire. This past weekend, CLASH Wrestling made its Livonia, MI debut at the Livonia Elks Lodge and what a debut it was!   First and foremost we’d like to thank everyone who joined us that evening.  The show itself featured a number of huge events and matches including the contract signing for both the CLASH Tag Team Championship and CLASH Heavyweight Championship for our upcoming Supershow; ALL OUT WAR in TAYLOR, MI on 8/30/08 at the Taylor Town Trade Center.  If you missed this huge CLASH event, catch up on things by staying tuned this week to a special Recap Video of the Livonia debut.

We have a number of news stories to cover this week, but let us first remind our fans of our live event this FRIDAY night. CLASH Wrestling presents RATED R in RIVERVIEW, MI live from the Rack-N-Roll Nightclub off Fort & Sibley Rd. This Friday, CLASH will host another action packed, high-flying, in your face event, but this time it’s RATED R (18+ only show)! If you’ve ever wanted to see what CLASH Wrestling is all about or are heading out to the bar now is your chance to experience the excitement of CLASH Wrestling LIVE in Riverview, MI!! We welcome all wrestling fans to come check out what CLASH Wrestling has to offer, we promise you will not be disappointed!

-Saturday night saw the debut of CLASH Wrestling’s LIVE event in the city of Livonia, MI and what a debut it was.  The show kicked off with newly promoted C.E.O. of CLASH, Jeremy Jones whom requested that all the champions (CLASH Champion, Cameron Skyy; CLASH Tag Team Champions, The H3RD) and challengers (Wreckingball; GQ Assassin & Rave Killbourn) make their way out to the ring for the contract signing to seal the deal for August 30 at “All Out War” in Taylor, MI.  As tension grew with some of the biggest names of CLASH standing in one ring, a large fight broke out between the champions and their respective challengers after signing their fate at All Out War!

-The fans in Livonia, MI received an awesome display of the innovative presentation of professional wrestling that CLASH is known for through many exciting matches making this a very solid night of entertainment.  Jeremy Jones, aware of the growing animosity between GQ and Rave’s opponents The H3RD (Miller & Tydie), Jones gave Livonia what they thought was a prelude to All Out War…H3RD vs. GQ / Rave!  Long and behold the H3RD that Jones was referring to was Mike Daniels and H3RD member in training Confetti.  GQ & Rave picked up a strong win headed
into All Out War.  Later that night, their adversaries The H3RD (Miller & Tydie) picked up a victory on Pennsylvania’s own Danny Danger & Josh Thor!

Also, the challenger for the CLASH Championship, The Wreckingball picked up a solid win over fan favorite Will Vendetta.  Meanwhile, as CLASH Champion tied up with Dragon Kreed of Jones Corp. it was a backfire on Jones part as he tried to aid Dragon but received a clothesline, meant for Skyy.  This allowed Skyy to “cut the deck” and
snatch up a victory over ½ of Jones Corp.

Lastly, the tension in the CLASH locker room has begun boiling!  As CLASH Live in Livonia came to a close, the CLASH roster rushed the ring or in this case “the battleground” of what to expect at ALL OUT WAR in TAYLOR, MI on 8/30 with only one thing in mind- to SURVIVE!  The much anticipated ALL OUT WAR event on AUGUST 30 will feature a 20 Man Over The Top Rope battle royal with 2 minute intervals in between each CLASH Combatant’s entrance also featuring SHARK BOY.  The winner of this WAR will receive a #1 contendership shot at the CLASH Championship at the October Supershow!

Quick Match Results:
–   GQ & Rave def. Mike Daniels & Confetti
–   Dave Manzo def. Steff “The Reff” O’Riley
–   “Role Model” Jack Night def. Khameleon
–   The Wreckingball def. Will Vendetta
–   H3RD (c) def. Danny Danger & Josh Thor to retain the Tag Team Championship.
–   Cameron Skyy (c) def. Dragon Kreed in a non-title bout.

–   Although we still have FRIDAY NIGHT – RATED R IN RIVERVIEW before theanticipated ALL OUT WAR event, it looks as though we have a few matches already set in stone for 8/30!
* ALL OUT WAR (20-Man Battle Royal featuring SHARKBOY)
* CLASH TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Tables, Ladders, and Chairs:
H3RD (c) vs. GQ Assassin & Rave Killbourn
* CLASH CHAMPIONSHIP: Cameron Skyy (c) vs. The Wreckingball

In other news

– Begin to tune in to the all new CLASH Radio featured on the Home page of CLASHWRESTLING.COM.  Every Week, John Striker and Adam Summers will host their LIVE fan interactive CLASH Radio to keep viewers and listeners well informed of the current happenings in CLASH Wrestling.  So, the next time you’re attending LIVE, head over to their booth as they love to hear input from fan’s and get your opinion to be broadcasted on the CLASH Radio!

-ROSTER PAGE ENHANCEMENTS: CLASH Wrestling has just enhanced it’s roster page with an ALL NEWdesign, layout and now clickable links on your favorite CLASH star so that you can now learn more about some of your favorites such as Cameron Skyy, Will Vendetta, GQ Assassin, Tommy Tydie, Steff O’Riley and more!  Visit the ROSTER section of CLASHWRESTLING.COM today!

– PRICING SCHEDULE (effective August 30, 2008): Beginning 8/30, ticket prices for all LIVE shows including Supershows will be $10 at the door. $8 pre-sale tickets will always be available at Taylortown Trade Center.  Chances to receive tickets for $5 will be available at the conclusion of every CLASH Wrestling LIVE show.  However, every RATED R in RIVERVIEW event will continue to remain $5 cover at the Rack-N-Roll Nightclub.

In order to keep up with the challenging economy’s increased fuel prices, venue cost, and the excellent production provided by CLASH Wrestling, this change is necessary for the prosperity of the promotion and enables CLASH to continue to provide that innovative presentation of professional wrestling that you’ve come to expect.

– The All New CLASH-CASH CARD: CLASH Wrestling is very excited to introduce the ALL NEW CLASH-CASH CARD available at our Merchandise booths on August 30, 2008!  This card is free and will allow fans to receive a stamp for every LIVE event you may attend.  On the SIXTH (6th) show/stamp, the CLASH-CASH CARD will be redeemable for 5 CLASH BUCKS (not redeemable for cash), but may be used as a monetary instrument as cash for purchase of Merchandise and/or Pre-Sale Tickets!!  Stop by our Merchandise booth on August 30 to receive this
special rewards card!

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of our Newswire; don’t forget to join us THIS FRIDAY for RATED R in RIVERVIEW, MI as this is our LAST STOP before ALL OUT WAR!! Admission to this show is ONLY $5 cover! Don’t miss out, be a part of the CLASH REVOLUTION!! JOIN US THIS FRIDAY in RIVERVIEW, MI for a RATED R (18+ only) experience!!