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CLASH Newswire For The Week Of April 6th, 2008

April 10, 2008 · Print This Article

We are less than a week removed from our Rockwood debut and what a show it was! CLASH Wrestling would like to thank each and every one of our fans who joined us this past Friday night night. We strongly recommend everyone join us again this Saturday night when CLASH returns to Taylor, MI for our next event! It’s our TAYLOR return and we promise not to dissappoint! Be a part of our revolution!! Join us this SATURDAY NIGHT, April 12th!!

It’s less than a week away! CLASH Wrestling returns to the Taylor Town Trade Center on Saturday Night, APRIL 12TH AT 6 PM for our next live event!! Admission is just $5. Tickets are available now and will be sold at the door, but ARRIVE EARLY because they are going fast!! Driving directions are available at CLASHWRESTLING.COM! This event will deliver the fast paced, athletic, high impact wrestling that CLASH is quickly becoming know for!! Just check out the card below!


6 PM. Doors Open At 5 PM.
April 12th, 2008 @ Taylor Town Trade Center
Tickets Are Available NOW And Will Be Sold At The Door

Main Event: Tag Team Match
CLASH Champion “Ace High” Cameron Skyy & Will Vendetta vs. #1 Contender J. Miller & 2008 Triple Crown Cup Winner Tommy Tydie

Jack Night w/ Castor Strong vs. “Punisher” Skull Williams

“The All American” Dave Manzo w/ Coach B. vs. “Kamikaze” Keith Calhoun

GQ Assassin vs. Dragon Kreed

“Modern Day Outlaw” Rave Killbourn vs. Confetti

Also in action: Joseph T. Storm w/ Jeremy Jones, Steff O’Riley, Khameleon, and SO MUCH MORE!

Keep checking CLASHWRESTLING.COM for the latest updates to the card!!

Without question, the biggest news coming out of Friday’s show in Rockwood was Cameron Skyy’s successful defense of the CLASH Championship against J. Miller. Both men brought their A game and after nearly 40 minutes of classic wrestling, the “Ace High” was able to put away the “Murderous Monk.” Many in attendance called the match the greatest in CLASH Wrestling’s short history. Despite the victory, Cameron Skyy cannot rest because in just two weeks, on April 26th at Age of Allegiance, he must face J.Miller once again for his title. Even sooner, Skyy and Miller will meet face to face as the two are scheduled in tag action THIS SATURDAY NIGHT in Taylor!! It will be Skyy & Will Vendetta taking on Miller & Tommy Tydie! Both of these rivalries have been heating up for some time and this Saturday night it all comes to a head! On April 4th in Rockwood, Tommy Tydie hooked the tights of Will Vendetta to get the victory for his team – can he do it again this Saturday? The roof may be exploding off the Taylor Town Trade Center before this one is said and done. It’s SKYY and VENDETTA vs. MILLER and TYDIE and it’s THIS SATURDAY NIGHT!!

Our Rockwood debut was a great night indeed for the “Role Model” Jack Night and his manager Castor Strong. After a match that saw both men beaten and battered, Jack was able to use his brute strength to counter Rave Killbourn’s xTc attempt into a Crossface Chickenwing (with a Singapore Cane) for the chokeout victory. After the match, Jack caned Rave numerous times, leaving welts and open wounds across his back. This Saturday night, Jack Night looks to continue his roll as he takes on “Punisher” Skull Williams. It was announced earlier today that this Saturday, Rave Killbourn will make a huge announcement concerning himself, the “Role Model,” and their involvement in April 26th’s Age of Allegiance event. What does Rave have to say? Does he have something up his sleeve?? There’s only one way to find out – JOIN US LIVE IN TAYLOR THIS SATURDAY NIGHT!!

In the last edition of our Newswire, it was announced that the summer of 2008 would be a wildly successful season for CLASH Wrestling. It is with great pleasure that we at CLASHWRESTLING.COM now share the huge news!! In an effort to ensure that CLASH Wrestling is one of the most well known promotions in the world of wrestling, Nicholas Clashertone has inked some HUGE deals for CLASH. Our executive officer has coined the term “Summer Series ’08” for our trifecta of giant shows this summer, starting with our “Fight Against Cancer” charity event on May 30th in Taylor, MI. Rounding out the “Summer Series” are two shows with great potential. CLASH Wrestling will hold shows at both the 2008 Downriver Cruise and the 12th annual Dirt Fest! In the case of Cruisin Downriver, over half a million people visit the event each year! CLASH Wrestling is holding a FREE show during this great event at 3 PM on Saturday, June 28th on Fort St. in Lincoln Park, MI! We encourage each and every one of our fans to join us on this day! CLASH Wrestling is also on the bill at the 12th annual Dirt Fest, held in Birch Run, MI! This year’s festival takes place on August 2nd, 2008, and will showcase such bands as Every Time I Die and Between The Buried And Me. This one promises to be a crazy night of music and wrestling!! Expect more information on both these huge events as we get closer to the date of the shows.

In other news:

– CLASH Wrestling would like to thank everyone who donated to our Relay For Life fundraiser on Friday night in Rockwood. We will continue to accept donations at every CLASH show leading to our May 30th “Fight Against Cancer” charity event, where all ticket sales will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

– Don’t forget to tune into CLASH Wrestling on Comcast, this and every Wednesday night at 10:30 PM (the replay airs at 1:30 AM) on Comcast Cable Downriver. If you live Downriver, CLASH Wrestling airs on channel 20!! It’s the most action packed 30 minutes you can watch on a Wednesday night!!

– After their match in Rockwood, Dave Manzo viciously attacked GQ Assassin and tossed him to the ground with a “Hail Mary! Rumors have circulated that Manzo blames GQ for his loss at the 2008 Triple Crown Cup Tournament. Expect to hear more information from both Manzo and GQ as early as this Saturday’s show in Taylor, MI.

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of our Newswire, remember CLASH Wrestling returns to TAYLOR, MI on SATURDAY NIGHT, APRIL 12TH for CLASH Wrestling LIVE!! Tickets are only $5 bucks and will be sold at the door!! CLASH Wrestling returns to the Taylor Town Trade Center with a HUGE LINEUP!! Don’t miss out, be a part of the CLASH Revolution!! JOIN US THIS SATURDAY NIGHT!