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CLASH Newswire For The Week Of April 13th, 2008

April 15, 2008 · Print This Article

We are just a few days removed from our Taylor return at what a show it was!! CLASH Wrestling would like to thank each and every one of the 150 plus fans who joined us this past Saturday night. We strongly recommend everyone join us again in less than two weeks when we present AGE OF ALLEGIANCE! This event is shaping up to be the BIGGEST in CLASH history and we promise not to disappoint! Be a part of our revolution!! Join us on SATURDAY NIGHT, April 26th for AGE OF ALLEGIANCE!

It’s less than two weeks away! CLASH Wrestling returns to the Taylor Town Trade Center on Saturday Night, APRIL 26TH AT 6 PM for AGE OF ALLEGIANCE!! Admission is just $5. Tickets are available now and will be sold at the door, but ARRIVE EARLY because they are going fast!! This event will deliver the fast paced, athletic, high impact wrestling that CLASH is quickly becoming know for!! Just check out the card below!

6 PM. Doors Open At 5 PM.
April 26th, 2008 @ Taylor Town Trade Center
Tickets Are Available NOW And Will Be Sold At The Door

Main Event: CLASH Championship Match
CLASH Champion “Ace High” Cameron Skyy vs. #1 Contender J. Miller

Tommy Tydie vs. Will Vendetta

Dueling Canes Match
Jack Night w/ Castor Strong vs. “Modern Day Outlaw” Rave Killbourn

“The All American” Dave Manzo w/ Coach B. vs. GQ Assassin

Joseph T. Storm w/ Jeremy Jones vs. Steff O’Riley

Also in action: “Punisher” Skull Williams, Confetti, Dragon Kreed, “Kamikaze” Keith Calhoun, Khameleon, and SO MUCH MORE!

Keep checking CLASHWRESTLING.COM for the latest updates to the card!!

One of the biggest stories coming out of Saturday’s Live event concerns J. Miller and the CLASH Champion, Cameron Skyy. At the conclusion of the tag team Main Event, Miller spewed a black mist into the eyes of Skyy before nailing the champ with a cross legged brainbuster to get the victory. After the match, Miller took the CLASH Championship into his possession, where it remains to this day. One has to wonder, what’s going to happen when these two men meet on April 26th? “Ace High” has to be furious, not only at his pinfall loss to Miller, but the fact that the “Murderous Monk” stole his gold. The next chapter in this war will be written at Age of Allegiance. Join us on Saturday night, April 26th to find out what happens! It’s Miller vs. Skyy for the CLASH CHAMPIONSHIP!!

After his victory over Confetti on Saturday night, Rave Killbourn addressed the CLASH fans for the first time since his return at the Triple Crown Cup Tournament. Killbourn filled fans in all that has happened to him in the past few months, noting that he demanded Nicholas Clashertone not suspend Jack Night and Castor Strong for their vicious actions on February 23rd. Instead, Rave asked Clashertone the ability to choose his own match at Age of Allegiance and his wish was granted!! On April 26th, it will be Rave’s match of choice – a DUELING CANES MATCH – between himself and Jack Night at Age of Allegiance!! In this match, two Singapore Canes will be hung from alternate corners of the ring and can be used by either man, should they climb high enough to pull them down!! This match is guaranteed to be brutal!! SOMEONE WILL BE HURTIN FOR CERTAIN!! Killbourn and Night up the ante at Age of Allegiance, in the first ever DUELING CANES MATCH in CLASH Wrestling History!!

Three other rivalries will come to a head at Age of Allegiance on April 26th:

First, the now 4 month long feud between Tommy Tydie and Will Vendetta will continue when both men face off in one on one action. Despite the fact that these both have been in matches against one another since January, they have only wrestled in a regular one on one match ONE time, and that was their very first encounter back on January 12th. Their match at Age of Allegiance should be interesting to say the least.

Second, Steff O’Riley and Joseph T. Storm will face off in a rematch of their match last month. This past week their feud reached a new level when Jeremy Jones revealed that he and JTS assured that Steff did not make it to the building on Saturday night. We later found out that both men attacked Steff earlier in the day and filmed the incident for release on CLASHWRESTLING.COM. The tape itself is still in possession of Nicholas Clashertone, as he is unsure on whether or not he wants to air it. Despite this fact, both Steff and JTS are confirmed and will be in the building on April 26th!! Can Steff get the first victory in his CLASH Wrestling career??

Third, this past Saturday saw both GQ Assassin and Dave Manzo cost each other their respective matches against Dragon Kreed and Keith Calhoun. Ever since the Triple Crown Cup Tournament, these two men have been at each others throats. Age of Allegiance marks their very first one on one encounter!! This match could potentially steal the show! It’s Manzo vs. GQ on April 26th!!

In other news:

– Officials are still working on finalizing the card for April 26th’s Age of Allegiance event. A number of CLASH talents remain unbooked on the show, the likes of Skull Williams, Confetti, Dragon Kreed, Keith Calhoun, and Khameleon. Expect to hear an announcement concerning these men and their involvement at Age Of Allegiance in the coming days.

– CLASH Wrestling would like to thank everyone who donated to our Relay For Life fundraiser on Saturday night in Taylor. We will continue to accept donations at every CLASH show leading to our May 30th “Fight Against Cancer” charity event, where all ticket sales will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

– Don’t forget to tune into CLASH Wrestling on Comcast, this and every Wednesday night at 10:30 PM (the replay airs at 1:30 AM) on Comcast Cable Downriver. If you live Downriver, CLASH Wrestling airs on channel 20!! It’s the most action packed 30 minutes you can watch on a Wednesday night!!

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of our Newswire, remember CLASH Wrestling returns to TAYLOR, MI on SATURDAY NIGHT, APRIL 26TH for AGE OF ALLEGIANCE!! Tickets are only $5 bucks and will be sold at the door!! AGE OF ALLEGIANCE HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE THE BIGGEST CLASH SHOW OF ALL TIME!! Don’t miss out, be a part of the CLASH Revolution!! JOIN US ON SATURDAY NIGHT, APRIL 26TH!