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CLASH News Flash For September 3, 2010

September 3, 2010 · Print This Article

Big thanks to the attendance that came out for GRAPPLEGANZA on Saturday, August 14th in Dearborn, MI! Grappleganza was truly a benchmark event with tons of new happenings coming out of it to recap! Let’s get you the information for our upcoming return of ALL OUT WAR in Taylor, MI!


TaylorTown Trade Center
22525 Ecorse Rd
Taylor, MI 48180

All Ages:
$12 General Admission (At Door)
$10 General, $35 4-Pack (At CLASHWRESTLING.COM)

For more than 2 years, the term H3RD was known as a duo unified by difference; J. Miller & Tommy Treznik. The two were so different that it eventually led to their split, with Miller experiencing huge success becoming CLASH Champion in April until current! Most recently, it is Treznik that has undergone his own changes – The “Mad Scientist of Maneuvers” as he calls himself now surprised everyone at GRAPPLEGANZA with his mystery partners as the lights went out with J. Miller in the ring; when they re-illuminated, a vicious attack began on the champ in what Treznik is calling the new H3RD! Is there any symbolism in what the H3RD stands for? For as long as its been around, many have always asked what it is, its meaning, or does it stand for anything? Apparently the “Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik is the only one that has the key to this H3RD formula, but we do know that the newly added “Pain Killers” of Jacob & Donnie Hallows along with Austin Manix fit into the equation…somehow.

The ALL OUT WAR Match was last held in 2008 giving Jack Night the victory and a #1 contendership to then CLASH Champion, Cameron Skyy. This rumble-esque match makes its way back to CLASH to do the same thing it set out to achieve before, and that is determining who the rightful #1 Contender to challenge J.Miller! We’ve talked in past news flashes at all the possibilities. Who is it? Is it Cameron Skyy who was champion prior to injury; how about Dragon Kreed after defeating Skyy? Others also have had their say such as “Caveman” Tyler Elkins, he is also a Former CLASH Champion who was stricken with a torn ACL. Well, this pondering will have closure on 9/17 in Taylor, MI when 20 of CLASH Wrestling’s top athletes will rumble in one ring and eliminate each other one by one over the top rope until only one man is the victor! Already, some that have enlisted to the WAR, includes “Sin City Sparklin” Cameron Skyy, Dragon Kreed, “Mad Scientist Of Maneuvers” Tommy Treznik, H3RD (Austin Manix & The Pain Killers), “GQ” Gavin Quinn, “Caveman” Tyler Elkins & More!

This past week, CLASH management decided to name five new All Out War competitors over the course of “All Out War Week.” Monday through Friday (August 30th – September 3rd) one new wrestler was be added every day of “All Out War Week” until 15 of the 20 men who will compete in All Out War will be known. Interestingly enough, the five competitors who were announced during “All Out War Week” represented a number of different styles & experience levels!

The latest additions to All Out War include:
– Lucha Libre standout “Mr. 450” Hammett
– Mixed Martial Artist Hakeem Zane
– The Elder Statesman Gideon Malice
– “Jack Of Love” Jack Verville
– International Star Jimmy Jacobs

Its been a series of indifferent victories resulting in Disqualifications between these two fierce Tag Teams. So, CLASH Officials have removed that stipulation from even being an option. Anything goes as these tandems will wage war over the coveted CLASH Tag Team Titles on 9/17! We know that Wreck N Roll (Wreckingball & Will Vendetta) have been an unlikely duo from the start, and don’t quite see eye to eye, meanwhile Nightlife have been a solidified Tag Team for well over 1 year. This will be the last chapter in this book, be there for the conclusion!

This will be the 3rd encounter for Mena to try and put one on the board against Shimmer Star Nevaeh on 9/17! Mena scored a pinfall victory over Sara Jay back at GrappleGanza, but was on the losing end against male competitor “GQ” Gavin Quinn. Intergender one on ones are not the norm in CLASH Wrestling, however it is CEO Truth Martini who has continually thrown road blocks at Mena in attempt to get the young & upcoming female star to seize wrestling in CLASH. Truth Martini will be in the house on Friday, 9/17 with a vested interest in the outcome of this 3rd encounter.

Former Tag Team of “The Friends” (GQ & Rave K), now Bitter Enemies since GQ’s turn on Killbourn back in February. GQ, or as he refers to himself now as his full name of Gavin Quinn, states he has always been the backbone of The Friends. We’ve watched over the last several months, intermittent appearances from Killbourn after Quinn have generated many emails to CLASHWRESTLING.COM asking the most obvious question – When are we going to see “GQ” Gavin Quinn vs. Rave Killbourn, one on one? This singles bout boiling to explode has yet to be signed, however both of these competitors are enlisted in the All Out War Match! Will we see these two in the ring at the same time? We’ll find out on Friday, 9/17!

CLASH has always shined in Tag Team Wrestling in the State of Michigan with several classic bouts in the past between teams such as H3RD vs The Friends & more! However, since the NPCI Tournament this year, the Tag Team turf has changed with several new fresh faces and highly entertaining teams! On Friday, 9/17, we’ve decided to put them all together in one Gauntlet Match to showcase their abilities for the #1 Contendership for the Tag Team Titles – Victorious Secret (Mason Conrad & Cameron Salem) vs. Bump N Uglies vs. Too Sweet (Bryce Benjamin & Joey Marx) vs. Koshur Klub (Joseph Schwartz & Sean Tylerstein) vs. The Power Rangers (White & Blue)!

In Other News:
If you haven’t noticed already, a new area on CLASHWRESTLING.COM has opened up entitled CLASH BLOG featuring comments, interviews, and blogging to get to know the thoughts from all your favorite CLASH competitors. Several have already gone up from stars such as “The Caveman” Tyler Elkins, Cameron Skyy, Tommy Treznik, Nevaeh & More –check it out!

Keep checking CLASHWRESTLING.COM for the latest developments on ALL OUT WAR coming to TaylorTown Trade Center on Friday, September 17th!