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CLASH News Flash For October 7th, 2011

October 7, 2011 · Print This Article

CLASH News Flash For October 7th, 2011: Hey all, dropping by to review the huge line-up that has finally been announced in full for October 22nd at CLASH FROM THE CRYPT! We’ve been waiting anxiously for the event as we’re excited to invite you along to this new and what we feel will be the most exciting Halloween Spooktacular yet! We know you want to go, so here’s the info you absolutely need:

Big League Brews and Warriors 3 Comics & Games present

Saturday, October 22nd 2011

TaylorTown Trade Center
22525 Ecorse Rd.
Taylor, MI 48180

All Ages: $12 General; Discounts Online
8pm bell, Doors open @ 7pm

This one as it’s labeled is really “do or die” for the Wreckingball (well, not literally). Wreckingball has been on the unemployment line since April by word of CEO Truth Martini with is “spring cleaning.” Meanwhile, the Wreckingball has continually paid the $12 admission price to sit in attendance to watch the show he once was a part of. His passion and desire for the business of professional wrestling is evident by such; additionally how awkward must it be for him to be terminated from his employer but still support the product he loves each and every month? Well, the golden opportunity of a lifetime was given at ALL OUT WAR! on 9/3 when three former CLASH employees were allowed to return for one night only. Wreckingball took this opportunity and ran with it by achieving victory and #1 contendership to the gold that sits on Gavin Quinn’s waist.

So here we are, the currently unemployed Wreckingball is #1 contender to challenge Gavin Quinn for the gold. Never before in CLASH history has a non-contracted athlete been in such a position. Can the Wreckingball break Gavin Quinn’s incredible 11 month reign as champion? Or will the Wreckingball be another stepping stone in Quinn’s legacy, thus sending his challenger back to unemployment and abolished as a CLASH athlete? Be there, no matter what on October 22nd for the result!

Not only are we amped up that this event is going to be a super duper fun Halloween themed extravaganza, but to host the NPCI Tag Team Tournament and CLASH vs. CHIKARA all in one?! Wow, we’re giving it all to you in ONE MEGA EVENT! Michigan’s biggest Tag Team Tournament – the NPCI; showcasing some of the best Tag Teams from around the globe with the winner awarded the prestige, another building block to add to their accolades, and a springboard to title contention.

1) Too Sweet (c) vs. The Batiri – These two teams already have history backing it stemming from CLASH vs. CHIKARA in March this year. Bryce Benjamin of Too Sweet suffered defeat in six man tag action, however round 2 has more riding on it. The win here will advance to the NPCI finals for a chance to earn the prestige of a tournament win solidifying one’s Tag Team supremacy.

2) “Amazing” N8 Mattson & “Sin City Sparklin” Cameron Skyy vs. Sons Of Sanity – William J. O’Malley & Gideon Malice of Sons Of Sanity continue to spread their righteous message and by gaining a win in the NPCI, might turn some more ears. However, the hurdle is seasoned veteran N8 Mattson and former CLASH Champion Cameron Skyy. Mattson of late has offered Skyy advice as a mentor would to his protégé, but will the brash “Ace High” head the advice and form a cohesive unit? Find out on October 22nd!

3) The Colony vs. The Painkillers – Green Ant & Fire Ant of The Colony are on a red hot streak after winning CHIKARA’s King Of Trios event this year. However, their opposition being the former H3RD members, Donnie & Jacob Hallows of The Painkillers are no team to dismiss. For an odd reason yet to be explained, they were casted away from Tommy Treznik’s H3RD concoction; was it because they were too crazy & psychotic to be involved? That question may never be answered, but nonetheless will have a victor in a bout that looks to be crazy and fun!

4) H3RD vs. TD & “Mr. 450” Hammett – The “Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik is no stranger to Tag Team success. Treznik has managed to win gold with multiple variations of both the H3RD and other Tag Team headers. In fact, Treznik has been in the finals of every NPCI Tag Tournament to date. Given his current formula of H3RD including the monster Ded Vaughn; a team such as TD & “Mr. 450” Hammett have got to be intimidated. However don’t discount them, “Mr. 450” has had much singles success holding gold in several territories in the Chicago region. Hammett putting that success together with upcoming talent, TD may prove to be a perfect gelled unit going into NPCI on October 22nd!

Non Tournament – J. Miller vs. Ophidian (CLASH vs. CHIKARA) – Does it need additional explanation? J.Miller injured Ophidian in the 2009 NPCI Tag Tournament; Miller then sustained a shelving injury of his own with a broken leg. The two athletes are back at 100% and prepare to duel, both representing their own respective promotion. With this potential show stealer on the card, is there any other reasons needed to join us at CLASH FROM THE CRYPT? Well, we don’t think so, but there is MORE!

Some more Tag Team excitement to bring your way, and what perfect timing for Former WWE Star Kevin Thorn to debut on our Halloween Spooktacular event! He’ll be joined alongside Mena Libra and “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo taking on Austin Manix, “American Nightmare” Hakim Zane, & Dragon Greed w/ CEO Truth Martini.

The “Caveman” Tyler Elkins will be strutting in praise on October 22nd coming off his HUGE victory in the Steel Cage last month against Cameron Skyy. What is his next pursuit? Well, we know that Mason Conrad of Victorious Secret has opted to step outside of normal Tag Team routine to make his singles debut in attempt to make his mark. A victory over Elkins would certainly get people talking so he may have chosen the best time to capitalize. Witness it LIVE in Taylor on 10/22!

That’s it for now, keep your eyes peeled to CLASHWRESTLING.COM has we’ve got tons of updates to push your way including blogs from the competitors involved in CLASH FROM THE CRYPT, stay tuned!